Best ways to pack shoes for storage

Let’s talk more about how to pack shoes for storage a bit. We need to cover that one too because packing is a pretty boring process and yet it needs to be done properly whether you are packing stuff for relocation or for storing it in a storage place. Shoes can be sensitive especially the light or the ones made from leather. That’s why we need to mention the right ways to pack them. Also, because it’s something that will come in handy probably a few times in your life so let’s get on it.

Cleaning before you pack shoes for storage

The one thing you must do, and it’s very important is to clean your shoes before you start packing shoes for the storage process. You simply can not store or pack dirty shoes. You do not need mud or something similar to intervene. Some shoes can be washed in the washing machine and some need to be cleaned manually. Of course, there are people who can do it for you in case you have a lot of shoes that need cleaning. If not give it some time, put on some tv show or music, and simply do this part so you can continue with the rest. Shoelaces can be washed in in washing machine.

A pile of shoes before packing shoes for storage
Your first step is cleaning the shoes

Some useful tips for packing shoes for storage

  • if you have room put clean shoes in shoe boxes (if you dont have original you can always buy some boxes that fit)
  • in case you are packing high heels make sure to add some material so the heels dont ruin the other shoe – bubble wrap or a piece of cloth or even a packing paper
  • shoes without boxes can be wrapped as a pair in a single piece of packing paper
  • dont forget to label the boxes in case you dont have original ones
A pair of shoes.
You need to be careful when packing high heels.

Climate contoled storage

Have you ever heard of climate-controlled storage? They are also known as temperature-controlled storage. You see if you need to store shoes for some longer time you will need that kind of storage. Leather can be very sensitive. It can also respond badly to moisture and other elements. That’s why we recommend you find climate-controlled storage. Contact your local movers and ask them for this service.


Not all shoes are the same. Some are meant to be worn and some are not. Collectors know this best. In case you have some collectibles you need to invest in temperature-controlled storage. Fun fact – did you know that worn shoes last longer than the ones that are in mint condition? In case you have collectibles even if you are storing them in proper storage you need to take a few extra steps in order to keep them safe and moist free. Make sure to research that before packing them.