Best USA cities to start a career in

Part 1

Which is the best city to start of my career in? This is surely a dilemma your familiar with. The first time you meet with this beast of a question is, really, when you are making the first most important decision of your life – where to go to college. But, as we are talking about job opportunities in this post and considering that these cities are ranked by factors such as salaries, we won’t be covering the topic of college.

If you have just finished college or are simply looking for a great place to start a new, successful life as an employed citizen of the Unites States, we are glad to present this short list to you. Hopefully, after reading a bit about them and getting to know them, you will make the decision about which one to start your career in more easily. So, let us start by looking at our first contender:

One of the best USA cities to start a career in is definitely New York

If this wasn’t a completely expected outcome, color us surprised. Every college graduate dreams of working and living in New York, at least at some point during their long education. The question is why? Some of the coastal cities might seem to have more opportunities and the job marketing in a place like New York will be a little bit too competitive. However, let us tell you that this city has topped the list of the best USA cities to start a career in for a very simple reason – the rewards outweigh the risks. There are a large number of companies, small firms and even private business in the Big Apple, where there is always a prestigious position open for a confident and tenacious person. But, shall we tell you a bit more about the city itself?

New York City is located in the very Northeastern part of the Unites States, in the state of the same name. It is the most populated city in the USA, with over eight and a half million people living in it. Regarding neighborhood choices, there are plenty of options, which is another thing that makes New York one of the best cities to start a career in. Traffic and expenses are definitely two downsides of living in New York, which you will have to consider before deciding to move there. However, you should also check out the numerous job opportunities, as well. If you are still unconvinced that NYC is a great place to start a career in, take a look at the video below.

Another one of the best USA cities to move to for work is Los Angeles

If the Northern part of the States is not what you are looking for, here is another dream city for all college grads. Los Angeles has been one of the top choices for the best cities to start a career in, and for good reason. It is a huge settlement, full of diverse professional options. From artists to businessmen, anyone will find a place for themselves in this city. In case you are worried about the competition of the actual job market, let us reassure you. Since LA is a huge metropolis with over three and a half million people living and working there. Not to mention that there are a number of neighboring cities from which employees travel to the heart of LA for work every day. But, it is exactly because of this large flow of people that there are always opportunities for recently graduated or eager unemployed newcomers. However, let us give you some more information about the city itself, and let you decide if it is indeed one of the best USA cities to start a career in.

Los Angeles is a large port city located in the Southwest of the States, in the Golden State. It is right next to the infamous Beverly Hills and you will get plenty of opportunities to see all things ‘Hollywood’ after you move there. There are various neighborhoods to choose from, depending on what kind of a budget you will be living on and what are your criteria for a good home. We would like to warn you right away, regarding the traffic of this city. If you are planning on driving to and from work, you will meet this beast face to face on numerous occasions. In order to prevail, we’d suggest finding home close to work, or the other way around. Besides, there is no soul in LA who doesn’t like to keep fit. You will find this city not only great for your career, but an amazing place to start thinking about your health. In case you are still not convinced that LA is one of the best USA cities to start a career in, enjoy the video below.

So, let us compare these two of the best cities to start a career in

According to Business Insider and Bankrate, the quality of life in New York is almost two times better than quality of life in Los Angeles. However, it all comes down to your taste and which part of the city you are living in. So, really, the question is if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort to jump start your career, or not?

Next, we will consider career advancement. In this battle, Los Angeles takes the win. So, if you are looking for a place where you will be able to rise in ranks at the company and in the field, you have a great opportunity of that in LA.

On the topic of pay potential, the living standard is quite different between these two cities. In fact, Business Insider ranks the pay potential in LA almost four times that of New York. However, after looking at the job prospect rating, they even out with New York taking the lead in this criterion.

And, the final criterion which we are looking at today is social opportunities, where LA takes the lead. So, now that we have compared these two cities and given you some insight in why they have been selected as the two best USA cities to start a career in, we hope that choosing a place to settle in will be easier on you. Stay tuned for the second part of our list!