Best USA cities to start a career in Part 2

Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our list of the best USA cities to start a career in. In our last post, we covered the obvious choices, New York City and Los Angeles. So, this time, we will be talking more about the next two cities which have been listed on numerous websites and surveys as great places to start a career in.

If you are looking for a perfect place to start a career in after college or simply looking for a place to begin your own, independent business, keep reading. We will do our best to inform you, in this post, about the pros and cons of living in some of the best USA cities to start a career in.

A great city to jump-start your career in is San Francisco

This beautiful coastal city is located on the very tip of a Peninsula, in the Southwest of the United States. If you have been looking for a place which welcomes everyone with open arms, look no further. San Francisco is a center for change and open-minded thinking, so there are people of all shapes, sizes and mindsets living there. Bring your strange, because it will definitely fit in perfectly. And, hand in hand with that, comes the unbelievable art scene of the city, which will have you exploring the numerous fares, parties and galleries after you start your career in one of the greatest places for work in the USA.

The pros and cons of starting a career in San Francisco

The city might seem like a right dream of a college graduate after reading the first paragraph. But, let us give you a bit more information about the realistic situation of moving to such a place. The reason why San Francisco is on our list of the best USA cities to start a career in is definitely because this place, along with Silicon Valley, has the highest income per household in the nation. It is a center for young workers looking for high-paying tech jobs. The average salary is between $88,000 and $112,000. Peeked your interest yet?

Let us give you the main con of living in San Francisco, though. With each reward, comes a great risk. If moving to one of the best USA cities to start a career in is that the cost of living is going to be high. According to our research, this is the case with San Francisco, as well. The cost of rent is definitely as high as the pay allows. So, in case you have a job in this city waiting for you, look no further as you will be able to easily afford your lodgings. On the other hand, if you are looking to simply start your career from zero in this city, we suggest saving up before you move.

A little more about one of the best USA cities to start your career in

While you are still having a dilemma if San Francisco is for you, let us give you more reason to check this beautiful place out for yourselves. Other than the business opportunities and the open-mindedness of the unique citizens of the city, San Francisco is famous for other things. For example, the culinary scene. Let us tell you that if you choose this city as the one you will be starting your career in, your bookmarks will be full of restaurants you want to visit. From coffee to Chinese food, everything will be a new gourmet experience if you move to San Francisco. Other than the food, the weather is exceptional, as well, mild and not too humid. You will simply need to pack one sweater – just in case it gets cold. Still not convinced that San Francisco is one of the best USA cities to start your career in? Take a look at the short video below…

Another one of the best USA cities to start a career in is Washington, DC

The capital of the USA is definitely one of the best choices as a place to jump-start your career after college. This city is located in the very Northeast of the States. While you might believe that it is only good for people who love wearing a suit and tie, this is not the case. If you are looking for a great place to live, but also to exercise, this is one of the most obvious choices on our list of the best USA cities to start your career in. The suburbs are very affordable for living. And they are ranked one of the best in the country regarding income, education and school rankings. And, if you are worried about the climate, prepare for a well-rounded four seasons, without too much cold or heat.

Why is Washington DC one of the best cities to start a career in?

Here are some of the pros and cons of starting your career in the capital of the United States. While this is definitely a great city to make a beginning, there is a common belief that it is the center for government employees. Is that true? Partially. If you are looking to work for the Federal Government, this is the right place. There is no shortage of jobs, as it employs more than 140,000 people locally. However, it is a great idea to look for a career start in DC if you are in another area of expertise, such as tourism or healthcare.

The reasons why Washington DC is one of the best USA cities to jump-start your career in don’t stop there

This is a place where every single minute of your time will be filled, if you wish. There are plenty of parks to take a walk in if you have a dog. And be sure to check out the museums and galleries, if you are more into that scene. Or, in case you prefer festivals and parties, there are more than enough of opportunities in DC. If you are looking for a great city to start your career in and you are a food-lover DC is a great place to start. The culinary scene is international and there are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants to keep you occupied and entertained. But, don’t take our word for it, explore on your own.