Best places to buy a house in Orange County

Buying a home is a complicated process, which includes a lot of steps. However, one of the main things to look for is the perfect location. Choosing the right place will affect your lifestyle or business – whether you’re looking for a home to move into or rent. Orange County has been a very popular area for buyers, and there are several locations worth considering. Here’s the list of the best places to buy a house in Orange County – consider them all and pick the most suitable one!

Is there a perfect place to buy a home?

Finding a perfect location is not that easy, since most of the places have their pros and cons. However, you should also include your personal factor when looking for a home. Among all the great locations, narrow your choice to the ones that suit your lifestyle and needs. This can be affected by many things, including work, schools, distance from friends and family, etc. Either way, be sure to pick the one the suits your family the best, rather the one that’s liked by others. Let’s start with the top choices when it comes to Orange County.

Remember: the factor of affordability has a huge effect on the buying process. Some of the neighborhoods are more affordable than others, so narrow your search to the places of the desired price range.

A key in the lock of an open door.
Choosing among the best places to buy a house in Orange County is choosing the most suitable home for your family.

What are the best places to buy a home in Orange County?

Let’s go through the list of best and most popular choices for people moving to Orange County, randomly ranked.


The first thing you think of when somebody mentions Anaheim is Disneyland. However, this place is so much more than the amusement park – even though this is a great advantage if you’re moving with kids. People love moving to Anaheim for its diversity of real estate. This means you can find both exclusive and very affordable homes – the average sale price is about $605,000. It’s a lively place with a lot of things to do, great restaurants and shops, so there’s no need to go to downtown LA for every little thing you might need.

Amusement park in one of the best places to buy a house in Orange County.
Your kids will love being close to Disneyland, but that’s not the only quality of this town.

If you’re moving to Orange County with your family, pick a moving company that has experience with family moves. Check to hire an experienced team of pros who will help your family relocate to OC with ease.

Newport Beach

New Port Beach is surely one of the top choices for people moving to Orange County, and there are some good reasons for it. Apart from great geographic and 2 beautiful piers, this town has a lot more to offer. Top-rated education, exciting nightlife, top-quality restaurants, and much more. Also, the unemployment rate is lower than the average rate in California – it’s 2.2%. However, these amazing things come with a price and a really high one. Newport Beach is one of the most expensive places in Orange County, in terms of real estate. So, if you’re looking for the about to pick one of the best places to buy a house in Orange County – prepare more money for Newport Beach. The average home price is more than $2 million!

Yorba Linda

Most of the time, people move to this lovely suburban place for a job. This is because the job market in Yorba Linda has been growing a lot in recent years, reducing the unemployment rate to only 2.3%. Also, another great point is that Yorba Linda belongs to the list of the safest places in Orange County, which is a great advantage if you’re moving with your family.


Another place that’s considered the safest not only in Orange County but also in America as well, is surely Irvine. The city has a lot of amazing neighborhoods to choose from (over 20), so we recommend visiting some of them and feeling the vibe. Some of the most popular are Northwood, Woodbridge, and Orchard Hills, so you can start your search with some of these. One of the things they all have in common is amazing education, with the University of California and other schools located in the city.

Laguna Beach

For all of you looking for an artsy place to live in, Laguna Beach might just be the right choice. Everything about this place is cool and artistic, inspired by the amazing nature and beautiful coast. It’s also on the expensive side, with the average price of a detached home being more than $2 million. However, this place has a lot to offer. The residents are very active, with various outdoor activities at hand – swimming along the coast, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, etc. Beautiful beaches are always an advantage – especially with such a warm climate. Furthermore, the architecture of the homes and the town itself will surely leave you out of breath, since some of the world-known architects choose to live and work here.

Kids playing at beach in one of the best places to buy a house in Orange County
If living near amazing coast is your dream, check Laguna beach, Orange County

Reading about these places might make you think you should move, even if you already live in Orange County. And that’s fine! Moving locally doesn’t need to be an overwhelming and stressful event. Planning on time and hiring the right team to help you out with the process will result in a smooth relocation to a better OC location.

Moving in Orange County and choosing the right place to live

The most important thing about moving in Orange County is to stay realistic about your possibilities, but also don’t forget your wishes and needs. The mix of these two will help you find and choose the perfect place – even if it’s not on our list of the best places to buy a house in Orange County. Making the home perfect is a whole process of creating memories and enjoying the time you spend in it.