Best Places for Singles in Indianapolis

If you’re currently moving to Indianapolis, but don’t know of any good places for singles, fear not! Indianapolis offers plenty of choice for people who are looking for their significant other. There are places where you can, most of all, have incredible fun! There are also many places in which singles can mingle and, who knows, possibly find the love of their life! If you’re single and are looking for fun places in Indianapolis, look no further! Here are some of the best places for singles in Indianapolis!

Indianapolis – a place of opportunities

Indianapolis truly has a lot to offer to young people. From sports, shopping, finding a job or shipping goods overseas by air, there is nothing you cannot find here. You may even find someone special. It has an endless supply of friendly, great people and it is impossible to find yourself with nothing to do there. You can easily gather your friends, head out to awesome brunch spots Indianapolis. You can easily go clubbing to some of the best nightclubs in the country. There are plenty of genuinely fun things to do! And, of course, while you’re out and about, you can easily meet someone.

Indianapolis is not just great for fun. It is also a city full of opportunity. With the unemployment rate of 4.2%, and its growing economy, Indianapolis is certainly worthwhile for someone looking for a job! That is why more and more young people are moving there. Easy to find a job, get settled, and easy, as we will show later, to get out and mingle!

Person typing on laptop

Indianapolis is perfect for young professionals

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Best places for singles in Indianapolis

When it comes to finding great spots, we have your back! These places are generally perfect for unwinding and relaxing after a day’s work, and also, for meeting new people! Here are some of the best places for singles in Indianapolis!

Tappers Arcade Bar

We totally understand if your inner child is bursting with joy here. This place encompasses the best of both worlds. It has retro games in which you can lose yourself for hours, as well as delicious craft beer! Their draft menu is constantly changing and expanding, so it adds even more thrill to your night out! If you’re a fan of beer, you’re really going to like this place. You can easily mingle and meet other singles who share your love for games. And, if you’re not up for it, you can even hang out by yourself. Just you and your beer and your awesome game. Everything’s possible there! That’s why it is at the top of our list.

Scoreboard of an old arcade game

If you enjoy arcade games, then this is the place for you

If you are a fan of arcade games, and you own one, moving it can be tricky. However, if you are moving into a smaller place in Indianapolis, you might want to consider putting it in storage. That way, by using storage units, it can stay in the perfect place, ready for use later on! Something an arcade aficionado certainly needs!

Ale Emporium

Once again, if you’re a fan of beer – this is the right spot for you. Regional, Indianapolis, craft, you name it, they have it! The sheer number of beer choices is enough to make Ale Emporium one of the best places for singles in Indianapolis! However, their food choices are nothing to scoff at! It dons the basic bar food choices, such as nachos, fries, and quesadillas. However, they also offer a variety of salads, wings, sandwiches, and their one of a kind Honest Pizza! It is a great place to hang out and meet new people. With the addition of great food and beer, what more can you ask for?

Twenty Tap

Another place with great beer and wine selection. Their fries are famous, as well as their cheese curds and pretzels, while their burgers are mouth-watering. With a wide (and we mean wide) selection of beer on tap, it is truly unavoidable. God knows how much time it would take to taste every single type of beer there. The atmosphere is simply superb, and the bartenders are great and really friendly. Twenty Tap also hosts numerous events quite often and there is no doubt that singles can have great fun here! That is why it deserves a spot on our list of best places for singles in Indianapolis!


If cocktails are more your style, Libertine’s the perfect place for you! It has great drinks and great music, all that in a great atmosphere. The bar boasts its rustic feel and hospitality as the thing that sets them apart from others, and, we have to agree with them! Their self-proclaimed “refute from the rest of the world” is the perfect spot for singles. Another one of best places for singles in Indianapolis worth visiting!

Five cocktails in front of bartender

If you adore cocktails, then Libertine is the place for you

St. Elmo’s Lounge

Famous for its history, as well as its shrimp cocktail, St. Elmo’s Lounge is truly a sight for sore eyes. And, of course, stomachs craving fine food. Also, many will tell you to simply get sliders and mac, but their steaks are certainly not to be bypassed! The restaurant has received numerous awards. It is also on the Forbes’ list of ten great classic restaurants! Certainly, if you’re single, St. Elmo’s Lounge must be on your list, especially the best places for singles in Indianapolis list!

Some other picks for best places for singles in Indianapolis

Indianapolis has a few other places that are great for singles. If you are truly considering moving there, we also recommend the following:

  • Greg’s (Our Place). The place has pool tables and darts, what more can you ask for? Come to Martini Mondays or Big Bad Butch Boy Bingo and you’re bound to have immense fun!
  • HopCat. Although many say that it is a bit pricy, it certainly makes up for it with an enormous list of local and international beers. Also, frequent events make it one of the truly best places for singles in Indianapolis.
  • Loui’s Wine Dive. Come here for the atmosphere, for the wine and for the snacks. Truly, stuff made in heaven!