Best places to move to in the USA

If you are considering moving house, you’ve probably begun thinking about which city you should move to. There are various options, depending on if you prefer relocating to a livelier city, full of traffic and people rushing, like New York. And on the other hand, you have smaller places to move to, where the focus is on the tightness of the community and a peaceful life, like Pueblo, CO.

So, today we will be looking at the list of cities which have been ranked the best places to live in in the USA in 2016. Hopefully, the descriptions and statistics will help you decide on which place you would like to move to.

Rochester, Minnesota takes the first place on our list

While you may have been expecting a large city to be the top of our list of best places to move to in the USA, we are going to disappoint you. But, let us assure you that Rochester does anything but disappoint! This city of over a hundred thousand people is located in the very south of Minnesota. It has a humid, continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. So, moving here would mean bringing both your swimming suit and your gloves for snowball fights. But, we haven’t even scratched the surface of Rochester’s charm.

If you decide to relocate to this city, you won’t have to worry about your children’s education, as it will be top notch. The scores from the schools in Rochester are, after all, one of the crucial things which pushed it to the top of numerous lists regarding living standards. Other than the education system, a move to this city is also quite highly ranked because of its civil engagement, health-care scene and, most importantly, its quite affordable housing. So, we have hopefully placed Rochester into your list of places you’d like to move to.

Bellevue, Washington is the next one of best places to move to

With its name meaning ‘beautiful view’ in French, Bellevue lives up to its name with the numerous lush parks which will give you all the recreation you need and more. If you’re into yoga, cycling and other outdoor activities, look no further, Bellevue is the perfect place to move to. And, in case you are more of a hiker or a canoer, we have that covered, too. The city is surrounded by magnificent lakes and mountains, where you will be able to do your favorite sport after your relocation.

Bellevue has another side to it, as well. The schools are top notch, receiving numerous awards for their programs and academic achievements of their students. More than forty percent of the citizens are minorities, so, the culture is diverse and you will find yourself trying food which you’ve never thought of tasting. And if this isn’t enough to convince you to move to Bellevue, let us also mention the sheer number of festivals and museums which will satisfy all art lovers.

Madison, Wisconsin is definitely one of the best places for you to relocate to

If you are a family person, this is the perfect place to move to. The schools in Madison are one of the top ranked by their programs, as well as the academic achievements of their students. Not to mention the infamous University of Wisconsin, which needs no introduction. Needless to say, this city has a large student population, which is as equally diverse as the rest of the population in the city. So, if you are looking for a place to experience an around-the-world culture, Madison is the place for you to move to.

Madison is located in the south of Wisconsin, and its climate is a humid continental one, which means that both snow lovers and summer fans will be content with relocation to this city. There is plenty of snow in the winter, and during the summer, you have numerous lakes nearby for a nice picnic on the bank. If you are more concerned with the local economy or health-care, let us reassure you that Madison has one of the top rated health-care systems in the world. If this isn’t enough, take a look at the video below and see if you will be considering this city as one of the best places to move to, yourself.

Santa Barbara, California is the next great place to move to on our list

This city is often mentioned as the perfect weekend getaway, but, why stop at that? Why only visit this piece of paradise for two days, when you can move here for a lifetime? So, let us convince you why Santa Barbara is one of the best places to move to. This city is located in the south of California, on the coast, and it has a warm Mediterranean climate. If you’ve always been a lover of Spanish art and culture, this will be the perfect place for you, as the settlement was built with strong influences from the Spanish.

But, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the local culture isn’t the only thing which Santa Barbara has to offer. In fact, this is the city which has been on the list of best places to move to for a long time, due to its great health-care system and schools. If you are moving with your family, look no further. Santa Barbara is a great place for children, as well as a perfect place for a night out in one of its numerous farm-to-table restaurants and wine bars for the parents. Be sure to note this piece of summer paradise on your list of best places to move to, as well.

Boulder, Colorado is the final city on our list of best places to move to

This is a city with a perfect mixture of work and outdoors. You’ve probably heard of the infamous Colorado mountains, so you can guess why we would suggest a move to Boulder for all ski lovers. In case you prefer hiking or cycling, it is also a big thing in this city, so don’t worry. If you relocate to Boulder, it would mean a lot of adventuring and exploring the wonderful state. But, let us also talk about the other side of this city.

Boulder is located in the north of Colorado, and it has a rather dry climate, like the rest of the state. The summers are long and hot and the winters do bring a bit of snow. If you are moving with children, Boulder is a great place because of the sheer number and quality of schools available. And, surely, you’ve heard of the University of Colorado Boulder? The citizens of this city are big on healthy lifestyle, so there is no shortage of farmer’s markets and fresh food. Hopefully, this has put Boulder on your shortlist of best places to move to, as well, if not, take a look at our video and prepare to note it down.