Best places in Florida for families with children

When considering where to raise a family in the USA, Florida is a great choice. First of all, the weather will be a huge plus. With an average of 241 sunny days per year, Florida is a great place for outdoor activities that are a huge benefit for growing kids. And for parents, no income tax is another great benefit of living in Florida. But, when you combine all this with the relatively low cost of housing, you’ll get a perfect state to move to. However, you’ll want to know what are the best places in Florida for families with children.

When it comes to planning the future for your kids and yourself, finding the right place to live is a vital issue. So, before you start learning how to organize moving, here’s a list of the best places in Florida for families with children to consider as your new home.

Take your time and think about everything when coming to Florida with your family.

Things to consider when choosing where to move with children in Florida

When moving with kids, there is a lot to think about, especially when you’re looking for a long-term solution. Moving with children frequently isn’t a great idea. Kids need stability and a place they call home. So, you need to find the best place in Florida to settle in. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a place to live:

  • Education opportunities.
  • The city safety.
  • Commute time.
  • Household type.
  • Costs of living.
  • Childcare costs.
  • Average household income.
  • Percent of young population.

All these factors are very important for families with children in Florida. So, make sure you consider them before hiring New Leaf Moving Group to help you relocate. Your job is to find the best place for your family, and these professionals will make sure that your relocation goes according to plan. Just let them know where you plan to relocate.

Tampa for the lovers of big city life

Tampa is one of the best places in Florida for families who love living in a big city. The city is also one of the best paces nationwide because of its affordability and huge employers. By moving here you’ll get access to great parks, amazing beaches, and tasty food for your family. Tampa is welcoming and diverse and it gains around 90 000 residents per year. The city has a variety of neighborhoods to choose from according to your family’s wants. So, moving here can be a great decision.

Boca Raton – One of the best places in Florida for families 

If you’re looking for work along with a place for family in Florida, Boca Raton could be your solution. This city has the ninth-lowest unemployment rate in the country. Therefore, finding a job here shouldn’t be a problem. Boca Ratan offers its residents great neighborhoods, high education, many outdoor activities, arts, sports, and great restaurants. So, you can see why this city is one of the best places for families in Florida. However, if you decide to settle in here, make sure you hire some professional movers to assist you. Book your movers today and avoid all the stress and anxiety that comes with the relocation. You’ll not make a mistake.

Boca Raton is one of the best places in Florida for families.
Boca Raton is one of the most amazing areas in Florida that has so many things to offer.

West Palm Beach

Living in West Palm Beach offers a mix of sandy beaches, and a tropical climate with designer shops, historic architecture, and great clubs. The city is known for its shopping and tourism, but residents here enjoy the best of Southern Florida living.

West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County offers is a big little city with excellent schools and a growing job market. The city is close to Fort Lauderdale ad Miami with about an hour away, and has an accessible airport. So, don’t hesitate, hire reliable movers and relocate here. You should know that the entire area has great service, so you’ll not have a hard job finding trustworthy movers to assist you. Hiring professional movers is always the best choice when performing a family relocation. There is so much stress involved in the process, so you can easily feel overwhelmed. But, if you hire a reliable moving company you’ll avoid all this, and be able to focus on other things.

Miami Lakes

In case you’re a suburban type of family. you’ll love living in Miami Lakes. This place is located outside of Miami, therefore it’s pretty close to it. And, there are numerous fun activities that await you in Miami. But, when you had enough of city life, just come to your peaceful suburban home. And the average commute time is low, about half an hour. A thing that makes this place special is that people after finishing school like to stick around. This makes the Miami Lakes so alive. Your children will have many friends here and chances are you will too.

Best places in Florida for families with children – Parkland

About half of the Parklands’ households have children. So, there is no need to worry about your kids finding new friends after you move. But, you may need some tips for moving with kids – making it easier. Parkland, for parents, offers a wide range of high-paying jobs. Also, many schools here are public are above average. So, your children will have a good education. Families in this place are active and social. So, anywhere you go, you’ll discover a family playing tennis, golf, or going for a walk.

Consider everything when searching for one of the best places in Florida for families.


Maitland, surrounded by lakes, gardens, Disney World, is one of the best places for families in Florida. This city has great jobs, education, and family comfort. This small city also has four enormous parks and five museums. Therefore, your family will always have fun activities here. Another benefit of moving here is closeness to the University of Phoenix-Orlando. So, you should definitely consider this city when deciding where to live in Florida.

In conclusion – Best places in Florida for families with children

Hopefully, this guide helped you grasp the idea of where to raise a family in Florida. As you can see, there are many best cities to raise a family in Florida. So, you need to decide with your family about your new place of residence.

Making the choice will be hard but only because there are so many best places in Florida for families with children. So, make sure you think this through carefully, and then start organizing your family move.