Best NYC neighborhoods for millennials

There is something about the New York City that makes it get under your skin quickly. Maybe its the vibe, art, culture or its unique pace. Whatever it is, it makes it be known as the greatest city in the World! The concrete jungle where dreams are made of attracts many new millennial residents and tourists. Due to the job opportunities and the diversity of the city’s culture, many young professionals and artists are seeking for the right NYC borough to move to. There are many great neighborhoods in NYC, and while deciding which one to relocate to there are many things to be considered and evaluated. To help you find the perfect borough we have created the list of the best NYC neighborhoods for millennials.

new york city, a great place for the millennials

Live in the greatest city in the World!

Moving to New York City- All you need to know

As a millennial, you will probably love living in New York City. With everything being a ride away, you will get an opportunity to explore the nightlife, theaters, and network with people from around the World. However, before getting a chance to become a New Yorker you will have some work to get done. The best way to stay organized is to create a relocation plan. Therefore, few instructions for an American moving anywhere will be helpful.

Moving plan for NYC relocation

moving plan for millennials relocating to NYC

A moving plan will result in stress-free relocation

Relocation itself can become a difficult and long process if you don’t plan it ahead. Having a moving plan will let you move faster and without stress. The best way to make the plan is to have a checklist of the most important tasks:

  • Find a reliable moving company.

There are many movers to choose from and you need to be careful while deciding.A reputable mover will make your relocation go right and according to the plan. Choosing a company that specializes in local and long-distance moves like, Furniture movers Brooklyn will ensure your belongings move safely and according to the regulations.

  • Find a safe storage place. 

When moving to another city you will probably need some extra space for storing your boxes. By keeping your belongings in storage units Brooklyn you will provide yourself with enough time for settling in. This way you will have your boxes in a secured storage and can focus on getting on with your NYC life.

  • Make a packing plan before the relocation.

A good home packing plan is crucial for your move. Create an actual packing plan when moving to one of the best NYC neighborhoods for millennials. Make sure you have few separate lists. Create a list of things you need to pack as well as the stuff you can donate and throw away. This way you will be on track and not over pack. Leaving things you don’t need behind will make more space in your new home. Also, make sure you label your boxes properly.

  • Make a list of the pre-relocation tasks.

Moving time can get hectic. Therefore you can forget to do some important tasks. Prevent this by making a list of subscriptions and services you need to cancel.

The best NYC neighborhoods for millennials- choosing the right one

When it comes to finding a perfect neighborhood the most important thing to think about is settling in. Living in an NYC borough that fits your lifestyle will help you make friends and make you fit in fast. The location itself, as well as the accessibility and safety, are one of the top priorities when choosing the perfect neighborhood.

Greenwich Village, the artists’ heaven is great neighborhood for young people

 Cute cafes, stunning views, and creativity define this NYC borough. Even though the population exceeds 30000 people, Greenwich Village manages to maintain a small community vibe.                                        The hot spot of Greenwich Village is the Washington Square Park where you can enjoy performances, live events or have a picnic.
A vibrant jazz scene will make this borough the perfect place for every saxophone enthusiast!Famous venues like Village Vanguard or Small Jazz Club are great places to visit and meet the locals and jazz fans.
Most of the youthful energy in one of the best neighborhoods of NYC comes from its most famous landmark, the NYU.  Having many students in the area has influenced local restaurants to offer special meals at lower prices.
 Greenwich Village is the Bohemian capital and an important place for the LGBT movement.  Even though it is not known as a cheap place to live at, the location of this borough makes other parts of NYC easily reachable. Living in Manhattan can be pricey but being close to Broadway, East Village, and Soho will make it up to the quality of social life.

Astoria, Queens another great NYC borough

The cultural diversity is the main reason for Astoria making to our list of the best NYC neighborhood for millennials. Small bars and classy restaurants, international cuisine from the Mediterranean to the Middle East. Astoria has it all! The cultural mix of its residents makes a diverse atmosphere that will make you feel welcomed. Also, it will let you explore the World without leaving the city.

astoria is one of the best nyc neighborhoods for millennials

Living in Astoria will let you explore the World

Comparing to other NYC neighborhood Astoria has reasonable rent prices. This means that you can find a one bedroom apartment for less than $2,000 a month.

Williamsburg, the East Village of Brooklyn, one of the best NYC neighborhoods for millennials to move to

This list could never be complete without a Brooklyn neighborhood.Williamsburg is the hipster mecca and home to some of the trendiest bars and shops of NYC. Great art and music scene makes it one of the best NYC neighborhoods for millennials. Also, artists and writers from all around the World move here finding it to be a great living environment. Live cultural events like poetry readings, music and theatre events are a daily thing in Williamsburg.                                                                                                          For all of the outdoor lovers, a bike ride over Williamsburg Bridge or exercising in one of the several parks will be a fun activity. Also, if you are moving on a budget there are the free and fun things to do here. Therefore, visiting art galleries, outdoor festivals and even free wine tastings should be at the top of your list.