Best NJ places for middle-income families

It is not a coincidence why many families want to move to New Jersey, as it offers safety, good salaries, fantastic education, and so on. However, people have a hard time deciding where to move to in New Jersey. This is why we had to analyze and visit all of these places, while simultaneously asking people how they feel about their neighborhood. So, we created a list of the best NJ places for middle-income families.

The bst New Jersey places

New Jersey is for a reason one of the most attractive states in the US. Its location, business culture, diverse population all congregate to create one of the most interesting areas in the world. We hope that you’ll find our list useful!

  • The Heights
  • Englewood Cliffs 
  • Bayonne 
  • West Side
  • Journal Square

The Heights

A bustling district at the north end of Jersey city The Hights is certainly a place that deserves to be on this list. Many families from all over the US came here in recent years, making it one of the newest additions to fantastic places in NJ that are perfect for families. With a myriad of activities and places available to residents of this district, The Heights certainly have a lot to offer. 

This fine place centers around Palisade Avenue witch is one of the most beautiful kind-of unknown places in Jersey City. It is bustling with coffee shops, bars, and a lot of restaurants with menus from all over the world. 

A place not only for families, but for anyone who wants to live in a quiet, accessible, and affordable neighborhood in NJ, The Heights should be on top of your list as it certainly is one of the most family-friendly places in NJ.

Englewood Cliffs 

One of the best NJ places for middle-income families certainly has to be Englewood Cliffs. Its location next to the Hudson River makes it a perfect place for New York families who want to live in NJ, while still being close to The Big Apple. 

This borough is just right for both middle and high-income families. It’s one of the best locations in the city with a good education system. Everything works well in this neighborhood from garbage disposal to good infrastructure all around. 

Best NJ places for education.
The education System of Engelwood Cliffs makes it one of the best NJ places for families.

So, if you want to move to Englewood Cliffs with your family, look for assistance in the area in the form of local movers. No one knows this is better than they do, so make sure to have professionals with you in the process of moving.

And let’s not forget that some big companies have their headquarters here. They employ a lot of people as they are a big economic driving force of the borough. And prices of homes are normal for the area, however, from time to time, they can be a little pricey, which is excepted from this beautiful area. 


Bayonne is another fantastic place for middle-income families. It is a city and a New York City suburb of around 60 thousand residents, with a lot of good neighborhoods and areas. Local movers from can confirm that. It’s a very diverse and lively suburb, with a lot of ethnic restaurants, for all of you food lovers, and with an amazing plethora of many different cultures.

Food on a plate
You can find all kinds of ethnic restaurants in Bayonne.

Most people here tend to rent their apartments, while only about 40% percent have their own homes. This is why many investors tend to buy buildings and apartments in Bayonne.

However, the median home value here is about 330 thousand dollars which makes Bayonne very affordable for families with kids.

That doesn’t mean that Bayonne is not a prestigious place. Here, you can settle in nicely and stress-free and live the same kind of life. Just make sure to find local movers who can help you with your belongings, and you are good to go.

West Side

Larger homes and the proximity to Lincoln make West Side very attractive for people who want to experience what does it mean to live in Jersey City.

West Side is quickly becoming one of the most popular Jersy neighborhoods for a good reason. This neighborhood provides all the benefits of urban life while preserving the space and atmosphere of suburbia. Simply said, West Side is one of the most instagrammable places in New Jersey.

Also, many fantastic charter and private schools can be found in the neighborhood, which is one of the main reasons why families with children want to move here. 

But schools and the neighborhood’s looks aren’t the main reasons why people are moving en masse to the West Side. Many businesses have popped up here in recent years, making it one of the faster-developing neighborhoods of Jersey City. Those businesses provide jobs, and those jobs are “to blame” for West Side’s growing population. So, you might want to consider buying a home here before prices skyrocket.

Journal Square

Journal Square is a business district right in the middle of Jersey City, serving as a transportation and a business hub of the city. You can have quick access to New York City and Jersey City just by living here. It is certainly one of the most connected areas of New Jersey which makes it perfect for people who have to work on the other side of the city. So, if you didn’t like our list of the best NYC neighborhoods for young families, but still want to be connected to The Big Apple, this neighborhood might be the right one for you!

A man talking about NJ places for middle-income families
Business is everything in Journal Square, and there are no signs of anything going wrong!

Every Wednesday and Friday the farmer’s market opens with an array of fresh vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients far better than those in a supermarket. Here you can keep a healthy lifestyle with no effort, while still being in one of the best-connected neighborhoods of Jersey City.

The business here is everything

And as you can imagine, commerce here generates a lot of profit as it is one of the main business hubs that connect NYC to NJ. This amount of wealth attracts many newcomers who want to work in one of the richest parts of the state, while still maintaining a calm life, making these locations the best NJ places for middle-income families. They are constantly being built, and more and more people come here to create this fresh, vibrant, and safe New Jersey community.