Best Miami suburbs for young professionals

When choosing to start a career in Florida, Miami is a perfect choice. Miami has a healthy and mixed economy with a good job market. The problem is what area of Miami you should move to have a good work and fun balance. All American Movers will tell you the best Miami suburbs for young professionals are. 

Why should young professionals move to Miami? 

Before we talk about the specific areas of Miami, let’s see the benefits of the city. 

  • The first reason young professionals should move to Miami is the beautiful weather. If you are entering the workforce, you are still not ready to commit to only working. You still want to have fun, and what better place than Miami where you can get sun whole year-round. 
  • The second reason to come to Miami is the sandy beaches. When you have sun, you need a place to spend the sunny days. Miami has the most beautiful beaches in Florida. When you come to Miami check out Surfside, South Pointe Park Pier, and Lummus Park Beach.
  • The third reason to come to Miami is the nightlife. Miami has good nightclubs, but Miami’s nightlife is unique because of the tourists that visit the city each year. 
  • The fourth reason to come to Miami is the food. By mixing the Caribbean and Latin American food, Miami has one of the tastiest cuisines in the state. 
  • The fifth reason to come to Miami is the solid job market. Because of PortMiami, tourism, and well-developed industry, there are a lot of job opportunities in the city. 
  • The final reason to come to Miami is the people. Because Miami is one of the most developed cities in Florida, many graduates close to the city relocate there. You will find people in the same situation as you to befriend.

Red neon sign that says - HELLO GOOD TIMES
There are plenty of bars and nightclub to have fun in Miami.

Besides the previously mentioned benefits, you will find even more when you move there. If you find it hard to settle down in Miami, though, find the perfect storage for your stuff until you have the time. 

Best Miami suburbs for young professionals – Bal Harbour 

The first place you should check out is Bal Harbour. Bal Harbour is close to Miami Beach, with around 3000 residents. 

Consider choosing Bal Harbour because it is not as busy as living in Miami. The village is far away from the tourist-occupied places. But the area has stores, restaurants, and coffee shops where you can go after your busy day in Miami. 

You are only 15-miles away from Miami, and it will take you half an hour to reach your workplace in Miami. But that 30-minute commute will get you away from Miami and to peace. So if you want to live in Bal Harbour, enlist the help of professionals who will have you move into your new place. Because they know the Miami area well, they will not struggle to get you into your new home in Bal Harbour. 

Bal Harbour is also very safe, with violent crime being lower than the national average. 

The one downside of Bal Harbour is the cost of living. Bal Harbour is a luxury community, and you will have to pay a lot to live there. Because of the expensive homes in the area, Bal Harbour is a lot more expensive than Miami.  

hand holding dollar bills
Even though Bal Harbour is one of the best Miami suburbs for young professionals, you will have to pay a lot of money to live there.

Check out Coconut Grove 

One of the best Miami suburbs for young professionals is Coconut Grove. The Grove is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Miami, with around 21,000 residents in the area. 

Coconut Grove is a great mixture of family-friendly and nightlife. The better clubs in Coconut Grove are The Commodore, The Key Club, and The Taurus Coconut Grove. 

And when you are done with parting, you can start a life with your family in the Grove with the help of without any problems. The schools in the area are highly rated and under Miami-Dade County Public Schools. There are four public elementary schools, one middle school, and two high schools. In addition to the public schools, there are seven private schools. 

Thre are 262 homes for sale and 124 homes for rent in Coconut Grove. The median home cost in Coconut Grove is around 1.7 million. And the price of rent is somewhere between 2000 and 4000 dollars. 

Best Miami suburbs for young professionals – Coral Gables

The third place you should check out in Miami is Coral Gables. Coral Gables is bigger than any suburb in the article – it has almost 50,000 residents. What makes Coral Gables inviting to young professionals is the University of Miami. The city is not as peaceful as Bal Harbour or Coral Groove, and it’s more fun-oriented. If you want to go out and party as soon as the weekend is over, you should move to Coral Gables. 

If you are looking to buy a home, it will cost you around 979,000 dollars. And there are plenty of homes to choose from – there are 395 homes for sale. And if you do not want to buy a home, there are 306 homes for rent. It will cost you around 2500 dollars to rent a place in Coral Gables. 

There are plenty of things you can do in Coral Gables: 

  • You can go and shop in Merrick Parks. Merrick Park is for those looking to buy more expensive things from shops like Gucci and Tiffany’s; 
  • If you want to learn about history, go to the Coral Gables Museum
  • To catch up on your exercises, hike on the Old Cutler Trail

a trail in the woods
Old Cutler Trail is a 10-mile hike where you can relax.


Miami has a lot to offer and what says in this article is just the beginning. Choose one of the best Miami suburbs for young professionals and move there and remember to save money on moving.