The best meal plan for people on the move

Being on the move and having a meal plan. Is it viable? Is it even possible? Offcourse it is. In fact, any person who is on the move a lot will tell you that having a meal plan is essential. If you do not have one you will force yourself to live out of supermarket food and junk food. None of those are smart, long terms plans. So, let us go over what the best meal plan for people on the move is all about.

Meal plan for people on the move

What to eat when you are on the move? While this question may seem difficult, at first, it actually is not. As a person on the move, you have more options than ever to have a healthy balanced diet. And, if you value your health and your well being at all, you will try to eat properly. As you’ve probably noticed, more and more people suffer from obesity. Sure, there are those that have legitimate medical reasons for being overweight. But, most people are simply too lazy to look up a meal plan and stick to it. Therefore, if you want to do your health a huge favor, formulate a meal plan for people on the move and stick to it.

A person writing a meal plan for people on the move

A good meal plan for people on the move is not difficult to follow and it helps people stay healthy.

Why proper diet is important

Diet impacts every aspect of our lives. Not only does our body suffer from a bad diet, but so does our mind and our organs. This is especially true when you are on the move. Spending time on the move means that you have to be alert and awake much more than a regular person. And, the best way to achieve that without taking chemical supplements is to choose your diet plan wisely. So, if you want to really treat your body like a temple, you need to pay close attention to what you put inside it.

What to eat

In essence, you can eat what you want. A restrictive diet is for people who want to lose weight and/or gain muscles. If you have no such aspirations, fine. Your choices are wide open. But, there are certain food types that you should eat more, and some that you should eat less. Meats, vegetables, and fruits are best suited for a person on the move. They will provide you with enough nourishment and energy to stay awake and alert on your journeys. You shouldn’t skip carbohydrates, but try to get them in the form of vegetables. You need to avoid sugars, flour, and alcohol.

Pick your meat

Now, what meat should a person eat while on the move? Well, again, your options are wide open. If you want to stay on the healthy side, you should eat chicken and fish. A steak from time to time is a good choice, especially if it is good quality. What you usually want to do is to cook your own food as often as possible. But, since you are on the move, you probably won’t be able to cook every day. This is another reason why you need to consider which meant to cook and how to cook it. Pick the type of meat that tastes best when well done. You cannot safely transport medium or rare-cooked meat as it will spoil during your travels.

Well done meat

You need to cook your meat thoroughly in order to transport it safely without refrigeration.

What vegetables to eat

In today’s global economy you can pretty much find any type of vegetable that you want any time of the year. But, are all of them healthy? Well, this debate is long and difficult, which is why we will avoid it. What we will tell you is to look for locally produced, seasonal vegetables whenever you can. This can be hard to do, especially if you move during the winter, but you need to try. If you can go organic, great. But, the non-organic stuff is not bad either. Cooked vegetables aren’t very much suited for travel, which is why you should eat them freshly cooked. You can carry around canned goods with you, but try to eat vegetables whenever you can.


Fruits are pretty similar to vegetables when it comes to making a meal plan for people on the move. You want fresh and locally produced. Canned fruit is easy to transport, but they can be overburdened with sugars. You should also get your vitamins from imported citrus fruits, as they are quite good throughout the year. Overall, fruits should be the main source of sugar. You need to get your vitamins and energy from them, so eat as much as you can.

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits are exelent sources of various vitamins.

What to avoid

The meal plan for people on the move wouldn’t be complete without some advice on what to avoid. Now, as you might guess, you need to avoid all the things that are easily available to you. That means fast food, alcohol, sugars, and coffee.

Fast food

Fast food is overprocessed, saturated with salts and sugar, made with unhealthy fats… Overall, it is awful. This is why in our meal plan for people on the move, you will not see it. Sure it may be tasty and available. But, if you are serious about keeping your health up and watching what you eat, you need to avoid junk food. Save it for when there is nothing else.

Coffee and sugar

Coffee and sugar may seem like travelers best friends, but they are far from so. Especially if taken in extreme amounts. Remember, we are not saying that you cannot have any. But, the more you take, the more you will need in order to get the same feeling. So, try to avoid getting hooked on sugar and caffeine as they can leave you stressed out and can have detrimental effects of your sleep and your health.