Best destinations for millennials in NYC

NYC is a city with a vibrant culture and nightlife, and also a fantastic place for starting a new life. It offers a lot of best destinations for millennials with great opportunities. Whether you’re new to the city or a lifelong local, it’s always good to know about the latest and hippest scenes in town, from shopping to eating to apartment-hunting. There are so many neighborhoods for choosing in New York City, how are you going to determine which one is the best for you?

When you are in NYC for the first time, the temptation may be to visit every restaurant, bar, shop, and venue that you have seen on Instagram or read about online. But even the most energetic twenty-something can run around for so long before everything turns into a blur and loses its appeal.

Best destinations for millennials in NYC

Best destinations for millennials are supposed to include all places with a good job, home, and active social life. You can check out the website Niche, that uses public data and individual reviews to rate various areas. The site arrived at its ranking by considering, along with other factors, the number of residents between the ages of 25 and 34; the number and proximity of best coffee shops, bars and restaurants; the level of education among residents; and the cost of living and employment statistics.

Are you a millennial who plans a trip to New York City any time soon? College towns, cities with busy downtowns, and places with lots of recreational options are all big draws for the younger generation. Considering how expensive your new home in NYC can be, you should better start searching on time. If you have the opportunity, hire a real estate agent to help you find the perfect housing. Also, you should choose the neighborhood and decide whether to rent or to buy your new home.

NYC at night.

Crazy nightlife for millennials in NYC


Manhattan has a great connection to all other NYC boroughs. So, wherever you need to go, you’ll get there in the shortest time possible. The subway lets you do that. Before coming to Manhattan learn how to use it. Therefore, you will be saving thousands of dollars you’d spend on fuel for your car, and who knows how much more for owning it in NYC, and you’ll still get everywhere on time.

East Village

East Village is probably one of the most interesting and the best Manhattan neighborhoods for millennials. You will be more than welcome in if you are looking for a crazy nightlife. You can club all night long, have a casual drink, or you can meet new friends. Also, in East Village can be found many authentic shops, fine dining restaurants, and charming cafes. You should visit the Best 10 Nightlife near East Village, Manhattan, NY.

Lower Eastside

The most authentic neighborhood is Manhattan neighborhood. Still, in this area, you can rent a pretty affordable apartment. Lower Eastside is also very popular with millennials because of its location. Just make sure to consult a real estate agent before renting an apartment in Manhattan.

Murray Hill

Manhattan’s neighborhood that is great for young professionals is Murray Hill. It’s one of the best destinations for millennials because it offers so many job opportunities. You can find a lot of indoor and outdoor activities, and when it comes to parties, they almost never stop. That’s why Murray Hill is even more than convenient to start a professional career.


Chinatown is still one of the Manhattans best destinations for millennials. According to some real estates experts, the average price for a one-bedroom apartment is around $2400, but it can find for way less money. This Manhattan neighborhood has a great location.

Chinatown, NYC

Places for millennials in Chinatown, NYC


DUMBO is small in size, but it has a bit of everything, and it is a great hot spot for a tech startup. It’s right near the water across from Manhattan, and the parks offer spectacular views of the city’s skyline. The proliferation of tech companies have brought in a younger crowd and with it, great food places, shops, and cultural centers. Though it is expensive by all means, if you can afford to live here, it’s hands down one of the best options in the city.


Williamsburg is one of the best places for millennials that gives everything. Like, hip movie theaters who serves cocktails one of the best Whole Foods in the city.  Countless chic food that most millennials in New York City preferred. There is not a shortage of things to do. It would be a mistake to omit Williamsburg from any list mentioning millennials.

Clinton Hill

With cheaper rents than neighborhoods closer to Manhattan, but still a young, artistic vibe, Clinton Hill is a magnet for millennials. Already full of students from the Pratt Institute and St. Josephs College, Clinton Hill is drawing in young professionals seeking a real neighborhood with easy access to Manhattan and plenty of entertainment.

Washington Heights

Washington Heights is becoming a more popular destination for millennials every year. The main reason is that the rental apartments are affordable. It’s amongst the cheapest neighborhoods in Manhattan, where you can find a bedroom from $1850 per month. Washington Heights is also popular with families there is more and more who moves every year. This neighborhood is known for Dominican food, Mexican cuisine, fantastic pizza, and many other international dishes.

Brooklyn, NYC

Start a new life in Brooklyn

Conclusion about best destinations for millennials in NYC

After you make a decision and choose from best destinations in NYC for yourself, makes sure to hire a reliable moving company. Their professional movers can help you relocate, whether it’s a local or a long-distance move. Besides, if you need assistance with planning your moving day, hiring movers will be the best decision you make. Besides transporting your belongings, professional movers can help you carefully pack all of your belongings and secure them for the relocation. Moving is supposed to fun, while stress about packing and relocating supposed to be minimized.