Best cities to raise a family in Florida

If you plan on moving to South Florida, it could be a perfect new home for your family. If one thing is sure, the weather in Florida is perfect for kids to spend lots of time outside. Also, moving to Florida might bring benefits for your budget. Depending on where you’re moving from, Florida could be pretty affordable to live in. Besides, you will not have to give your income tax to the state. Before choosing the perfect city to raise a family in Florida, there are some factors to consider. When it comes raising children in this state, you can expect a great variety of educational facilities. Some factors you should also consider are childcare costs, median household income, and overall living costs. Let’s take a look at the best cities to raise a family in Florida.

Winter Garden (Orlando)

This suburb of Orlando is considered one of the best in the state for raising a family. Many young people live here, many of which have young kids. The unemployment rate is very low and the community is pretty family-oriented. If you are looking to find new friends and meet other families, you will most likely do that in Winter Garden. The only flaw of this suburb is pretty high housing costs, which can go up to $1300 per month.

Orlando Florida

Winter Garden is a pretty family-oriented city.

North Port

This city is located on the western side of the Florida state. It is famous for being one of the safest cities in the state. Another benefit of raising your family in North Port is the cost of living. It is very affordable for families since the housing costs are also pretty low. However, one of the downsides is the childcare costs, since they can go up to $9000 per year.

Palm Beach Gardens

If you are looking for a city in Florida that has economic benefits, it’s Palm Beach Gardens. If you move here with your family there is a great chance you will find a steady job. Also, high school education is very good in this city. If you are a parent of teenagers, you should consider Palm Beach Gardens as your new home.

St. Cloud

St. Cloud is another great city when it comes to raising a family. It’s famous for good educational facilities and great schools. An interesting fact is that high school graduation in this city is around 80% which makes it one of the top 10 cities in Florida when it comes to high school education. However, the costs of daycare facilities might cost much.

Miami Florida

Coral Springs is located around 50 miles north of Miami

The city of Coral Springs

Although Coral Springs has a reputation as a younger city in Florida, younger families move here every year. One of the reasons for this is the low crime rate and a good chance of finding a job. This city is located around 50 miles north of Miami, which makes it perfect for an active family life. It is also one of the safest cities in Florida.

If you are looking forward to moving to Miami with your family, pay attention to all the aspects of a particular city. Consider the living costs and the median household income. Other benefits of moving to Florida are pretty active people and lots of green areas for children to play. Before you decide which city is perfect for you, make sure to prepare for the change of lifestyle. Most cities in Florida are known for communities who lead a pretty laid-back lifestyle. If this is the atmosphere you want your kids to grow in, welcome to Florida!