Best Chicago suburbs to buy a house

So, you decided to move and forge your own fortunes by building a home of your own. And in Chicago, no less! Well, then the congratulations are in order! Buying your own home is a really big thing anyone of us, and so it is very important that it is done right. There are many factors that should be considered when buying a new home. Picking one of the best Chicago suburbs to buy a house there is not an easy task. It is not because Chicago lacks appropriate neighborhoods, but vice versa! Chicago is a great city with many nice neighborhoods and many distinct features that make it really special. Many people have been moving here in 2018, and that shouldn’t be a surprise, because this city offers many possibilities. You only need to know where to look, and Chicago will become a true home for you.

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You protect your home and anything that can happen by having a good home insurance

There are many things that make for a good neighborhood, and the preferences differ for every one of us. No matter your preferences are, you will need professional help in executing your move. Wolley Movers Chicago are one of the best moving companies that you can choose. Their services are always of top quality and they are always fully professional. You don’t want to place your belongings to some who is not responsible, do you? After you choose the right moving company, you should then make a list of all the things your perfect neighborhood has or does not have before you start looking for it. Since you are looking for a suburbs type area, you certainly already have some features in mind. Still, there are some general parameters that all the best of neighborhoods have in common. So, let’s delve right into matters!

Western Springs is the best of the best Chicago suburbs to buy a house

As we already said, there are many factors that make a certain neighborhood good and Western Springs is without a shadow of a doubt one of them. Whichever list you check, you will find this suburb area among the highest ranked. The reasons for this are many. So, let’s start with some basic information about it. This is a really calm neighborhood and thus it is perfect for raising a family here. There are around 13,000 residents so the atmosphere here is rather warm and tightly knit. People here are rather rich, as the families here average around $150,000 per year. This actually ranks this neighborhood as the 10th richest in the Chicago area. Add this to the fact that only 2.7% of the residents without a job, and it will be clear right away, why this neighborhood is among the top places in Illinois where you should move.

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Don’t forget to smile and spend time with your neighbors!

When it comes real estate situation, it is quite stable. The average rent here is $1,677, which is a pretty good offer for such a great neighborhood. Why is it so great? Well. This village, located in Cook County is really peaceful for starters. There is practically no crime, so you won’t have to worry whenever you let your kids go out. There is a really good park here, the Spring Rock Park, and it has baseball fields and hockey rink. The Oberweis Dairy is one of the chief establishments here as everyone’s favorite desserts come from here. People are warm and forthcoming, which will surely make your introduction to one of the best Chicago suburbs to buy a house at, that much easier. Taking all this into consideration, spending $530,800 (average house’s price) for a home here is quite a bargain. 

The suburb of Kenilworth

Moving here, to Kenilworth would be a smart decision on your behalf. This village belongs to the Cook County and lies 15 miles northward from downtown of Chicago. This flourishing community is the youngest of 9 suburban communities around Lake Michigan. Despite that, however, it is one of the most developed ones. Consequentially, it is the richest of all of the communities of the Midwest. People here generally mind their business, and moving here would guarantee your privacy. Still, the “everybody knows everybody” feeling is ever present and if you like to know your neighbors, then Kenilworth definitely ranks among the best Chicago suburbs to buy a house and build a home at. The reason for this is the population of 2,613 residents. Average income is $211,023 so paying rent is not a problem here. As is the case with buying a house, with average home prices here being $1,095,600.


Best Chicago suburbs to buy a house

Choosing a perfect neighborhood is very important



The suburban community of Wilmette belongs to New Trier Township of Cook County. This Lake Michigan bordering village lies 14 miles northward of Chicago. It is bigger than the first entrants on this list and it has a population of a little bit over than 27,000 people. In one of the surveys, done in 2007, Wilmette took the seventh spot when it came to raising children in the USA. Furthermore, it ranks as one of the best places to live in Illinois. These results were based on a multitude of factors that included its low unemployment levels, median income, low housing vacancy rate, the cost of higher education per one student, the low crime rates and the below average commute times.

One downside when it comes to raising kids here is that the schools are more crowded than an average school in the area. Still, it is important to emphasize the fact that 2 schools out of 17 from Illinois that gained the 2017 Blue Ribbon award are in Wilmette. Also, seeing as the average price for a home here is $636,000, and that the average income here is $138,000, it is clear why people want to live here.

Making a decision

Choosing one of the best Chicago suburbs to buy a house at, is not an easy task. You should take your time and weigh in all the factors carefully. Make a list of everything your ideal neighborhood has, and then check and double-check everything. Once you are sure that you have all the necessary data, you can make the educated decision. We hope that you find this list helpful. Good luck!