Benefits of living in Northern Virginia

Located right next to the nation’s capital, one might argue that this is how Northern Virginia came to be popular. In actuality, this is the most affluent part of Virginia which is brimming with culture. One of the main reasons people are flocking here is because of the strong job market, but what other benefits are there? Stay tuned, because this article will highlight all the aspects that make NoVA such a desirable place to move in. Without further ado, let’s take a look at all the pros of living in Northern Virginia.

The booming economy

When speaking of different benefits, the first one that is apparent is a stable economy. It is especially regarded as such when compared to the other areas of the U.S that are struggling economically. For this, NoVA can only thank the state budget planners that are managing to save the money needed to cover budget gaps. The other reason people are moving cross country to live here is the number of jobs available in this area. In the metropolitan areas, the unemployment rate is now below 3 percent. With people moving here, the real estate market is experiencing positive trends. Economic success can also be prescribed to the extensive transportation network for which NoVA is famous for. Plus, this is a pro-business climate you’ll encounter here. This makes it an attractive city for business both large and small, as they are creating more local jobs. Overall, living in Northern Virginia means living in a place of strong infrastructure and wealth of resources.

Access to top education

When relocating anywhere in Virginia with a family, it’s only logical that school will be your main concern. When it comes to NoVA, you can rest assured that your children will receive the best possible education in the state. The Public School system has been recognized nationally for exceptional achievement and a high graduation rate. On the other hand, high schools are just as successful. If we look at the rankings of U.S. News and World Report, the top 10 of 118 schools in the country are all in Northern Virginia. If your interest lays in private schools, you’ll find these here as well.

a young graduate living in North Virginia

Living in North Virginia means having access to some of the best education in the state

When it comes to universities, students living in Northern Virginia won’t have to look far for a first-class education. Here you’ll find George Mason, Marymount, the NoVA center for UVA and Virginia Tech, to name but a few. But, these are not your only options, as other institutions in DC are easy to reach as well. With this in mind, you can even opt for Georgetown University or the University of Maryland. You make the choice that works best for you, and if in need of professional relocation, movers like will take care of you.

Diverse population

Living in a multicultural society strengthens the community and makes it open-minded and dynamic. The Washington area, in general, is an international destination, and this stands for people living in Northern Virginia as well. We’ve already mentioned the strong economy and good educational prospects as the main reasons why people flock here. However, easy access to flights is another benefit that foreigners love about NoVA. Most of the immigrants buying a house in Virginia are from Asia or Latin America, namely 70%. Still, if we look at overall statistics, almost every nationality is represented. This, in turn, has created a true melting pot of cultures, so you’ll find authentic restaurants, stores, and events at every corner. Indeed, when you’re a NoVa citizen, you can enjoy numerous multicultural festivals that are all about celebrating diversity. Overall, this is a great indicator that NoVA respects its citizens and allows them to maintain their culture. And isn’t this what every place should strive to become?

people holding hands

NoVA is one large multicultural community that celebrates the diversity of its residents

Living in Northern Virginia for wonderful weather

If you’re starting to think Northern Virginia just can’t get any better, we’re here to prove you wrong. At least to those who like to garden or landscape, and spend time outdoors. For bike riders, The 45-mile W&OD trail will definitely be your favorite recreation spot. Since Virginia is at the center of the east coast, there are four specific seasons. This is especially suitable for those that enjoy living somewhere where there are diverse temperatures. Winter here is mild, but still cold enough for a foot of snow. Spring, on the other hand, is charming in this area. This is also the part of the year when tourists are coming to visit NoVA because of the cherry blossoms which are in full bloom. Summers, which begin from July can be quite hot and even humid during September. Still, there are plenty of outdoor spaces with greenery that help cool down, making it one of the most fun places to live in the US. All in all, each season is clearly discernible and tells a unique story of the natural beauty of this area.

two people cycling

North Virginia is a great city for those who love to spend time outdoors

Rich history and culture

Last but not least, another thing that makes NoVA stand out from the rest is the country’s heritage. Indeed, here you are surrounded by the beautiful history which has helped shape this country’s foundation. Here you can find George Washington’s restored home which is located in Mount Vernon, but also civil war battle sites like Manassas. In fact, the whole area of Northern Virginia was a major battlefield in the Civil War. And let’s not forget to mention the numerous monuments and museums in D.C., which are bound to leave all the history lovers in awe. In NoVA, you will enjoy Moun Vernon and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, as well as galleries and art centers. Another important part of Virginia’s culture is sports. Basically, Virginia has a team for practically any sport, and you’ll find many minor-league teams. You’re bound to enjoy each of the events, whether it’s about art, sports or history, as each is important in creating the region’s identity. Living in North Virginia truly is worth it on all important life aspects.