Americans moving to Ontario – tips and tricks

Moving to the USA to Canada is a big step and change in life. When Americans moving to Ontario, no matter what the reason for moving is, they are exciting, confused, sad, happy, nervous, all in one. And it is normal. There are many questions to answer. Where to move to Ontario and which city to choose, what are the moving costs, what moving company to hire for the big relocation, what documents to prepare, what are Canadian rules and regulation about expats, etc? Do not worry, here you may find al the tips, tricks, and answers for Canada relocation.

How to move to Ontario, CA from the USA?

How to get prepared for a move to Ontario? On what to pay attention? How to handle a long distance relocation? Americans, not the only one that wants to move to Canada. This country became one of the best countries for expats and more and more Americans want to live here for many different reasons.

  • Check your eligibility before you decide to move to Ontario, Canada. Some people do not have rights to immigrate there because of criminal records, health problems, financial problems, human or international rights violations,
  • misrepresentation, etc.
  • If you do not go through a legal channel to gain entry to Canada, they may deport you. So, apply to be a Canadian resident on time and consider all the types. Work visa, student visa, etc.
  • Apply for a visa and fill an application. Forms are different and they depend on the reason for moving. Calculate the fees for application. They are not cheap. For one person, fees can be about $600 Canadian dollars.
  • Search for your new home in Ontario and choose the best neighborhood for you. When Americans moving to Ontario they usually choose Toronto as their new home. 
Canadian flag

Prepare for you Canada relocation

Important questions when Americans moving to Ontario

Before you relocate to Ontario you need to get informed and to ask as many questions you need. A life-changing experience means a lot of questions, especially if you are moving to Canada for the first time.

Driving in Ontario with US license

If you are a good driver, you will change a driving license with ease. Rules and regulation depending on the province you are moving to, in this case, Ontario. You can change a license in Ontario but only if you are an experienced driver. You can use the US driving license 180 days in Ontario and after that, you should get a Canada license, but you do not have to take a test again, just apply for a license change.

Healthcare for American citizens in Ontario

In Ontario, you will be covered with a public healthcare system, but in other provinces, you should check it. Visitors are not covered with public healthcare, but residents are.  But, you will need to wait about 3 months as a foreign worker to get approval for public healthcare. Until then you should get a private insurance policy.

Paying taxes in Canada and US

You cannot be a Canadia citizen immediately, it is a long process. You will be an American citizen, so what about paying taxes in Ontario and in the USA? Americans moving to Ontario, they will be considered as “ordinary resident” that means you are obliged to pay Canadian taxes and at the same time taxes in the USA.

Moving to Canada from the USA with family

As visitors, your family does not have to apply for a visa, but if they want to move there for good, they must. Canada will consider accompanying family members to include a spouse and children under the age of 22 (older kids are included only if they have mental problems and other health issues).

Things to know before moving to Ontario

Before you settle down after the move, you should know what to expect in Ontario so you can prepare yourself on time. From packing to calculating the costs.

Toronto at night

Ontario is a big province, choose the best place for you and move

  • The best cities in Ontario are Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Oakville, and Cobourg.
  • Housing costs in Ontario depends on the city. Rent for one bedroom apartment in Hamilton is about $910 and in Toronto, the average price is $2,240.
  • Income taxes in Ontario are 11.5% and has the lowest HST in Canada ar 13%.
  • Uber is available in Ontario and the public transportation is great too.
  • When it comes to food, Ontario is producing vegetables and fruits, maple syrup of course, and a range of meats. You won’t be missing anything. Rules for drinking alcohol are different than in the States because if you are older than 19, you can drink.
  • After moving to Ontario visit Niagara Falls, Point Pelee National Park, take a boat tour of The Thousand Islands, visit theaters…there are many beautiful places to see.

A moving company to help you move to Ontario from the USA

Depending on where are you moving from it can be a long or short distance move. For example, it is easier when moving from NY to Ontario because the distance is not that big. But when you are moving from Florida, California, Nevada to Ontario, it will be more exhausting. In both cases, having reliable and experienced movers is a big advantage, especially if you do not the area and you have never been to Ontario. Search online, read reviews, visit the company’s websites such as, get recommendations and book a move to Canada.

A checklist for Americans moving to Ontario

Write down all the hints and create your own checklist

Many Americans moving to Ontario in the past few years, mostly because of job opportunities and they want to try something new. Now, when you have all the tips and the right information, you can move stress-free. If you are able, visit Ontario before you decide to move there.