Advantages of renting a moving truck

When moving there are a lot of things to handle. The whole process is demanding and requires you to make a large number of decisions. One of the biggest is to decide on the manner of your move. You can easily do the DIY move or you can decide to hire professionals to handle it. There are many factors to consider in making such a decision. There are certain advantages to doing a DIY move and renting a moving truck. However there are also some pros to hiring movers. You should get well informed before making your choice.

DIY or Moving service

A DIY move always seems to be cheaper than paying someone to do the work. And it is true. It will take some elbow grease and you will have some back pain but you can certainly do the move yourself and save money. The alternative is easier. You simply pay professionals to do it. It can be less stressful than worrying about every aspect of the move. However, depending on the range of services, you will require the price can be quite high.

moving truck
Moving truck rental is a good option that can make your move more flexible and less expensive

Besides the cost, other factors can persuade you that renting a moving truck and doing it DIY is better than a moving service. Here are just a few advantages of this decision:

  • Control,
  • Expenses,
  • Flexibility,
  • Accessories


Renting a truck and doing a DIY move can give you more control of your moving process. This means that you can freely decide when and how you move and adjust it to your needs and wants. You are not dependant on the mover’s schedule and you are free to make your time frame. At the same time, you are always in possession of your belongings and you can organize your moving day the way you want to.


Renting a truck is a less expensive way to move. You save on the mover cost and you are not obliged to tip them because you are doing the move. However, keep in mind that you will have to account for the gas cost, eventual cost of a hotel, and other unforeseen expenses. But, in the end, your DIY move will be cheaper and more budget-friendly than a professional move.


It is easy to be flexible about your move when DIY moving. When renting a moving truck you can choose a truck size according to your needs and the size of belongings that you are moving. This can also save you money. At the same time, you can also hitch up your car and tow it thus saving money. Also, most rental companies provide national coverage so it’s easy to return a truck at your destination at no additional cost.

People carrying boxes after renting a moving truck
You will have to work hard during your DIY move but you can save money if renting a truck for the move


When packing and moving you have to get all of the accessories yourself. Getting a dolly, carrying and loading straps, blankets, and so on has to be acquired for the job. But if you are renting a truck it comes already equipped. So your DIY move will be easier as you are already equipped to handle your move.

Deciding on the way you will organize your move will depend on many factors. It is up to you to decide. If you want flexibility and need to save money you should decide on renting a moving truck. If you want an easy and stress-free move and you can handle its cost you can choose a professional service to handle it.