A quick guide to setting up a billiard room in your garage – NYC edition

New York City is a fun city to live in. But making your home more fun is always a big plus. This is why a lot of people decide to create a fun room in their garage. Especially now with all the restrictions because of Covid-19. Setting up a billiard room is one of the best investments to make if you are looking to make your home fun for your whole family and friends. And there are plenty of ideas on how you can do this. And here is where you will read some of our. We wrote this short guide to setting up a billiard room in your garage in NYC for those of You who are thinking of doing so.

Clean out the room

Having a garage is great. But not many people in NYC really have cars. They are expensive to begin with and so is gas but that wouldn’t be the main reason why this is so. Driving a car in NYC is a very bad idea because of all the traffic. Besides, without a garage, you wouldn’t really have where to park your car. Parking in NYC is rarely available and it is very expensive. This means that a lot of people who have garages don’t use them for parking a car but rather as storage. A big plus is a fact the NYC is one of the cities with the best public transportation system.

NYC is a city with little to no parking spaces so not a lot of people have cars.

This is why before setting up a billiard room in your garage you need to put aside everything you don’t use or throw it away. If you want to put it somewhere but you don’t have a lot of storage space left at home, you can rent out a storage unit. They are very helpful and are a good investment. You can use them for storing plenty of things.

But have in mind that it is always a good idea to give up some of your belongings for donation. There are certainly plenty of things that you don’t need. Why keep them?

Renovate if needed

Now that your garage is empty, it’s time to ask yourself whether it needs a little renovation. Painting the walls is a great way to freshen up space. Make sure you design the interior in order for your billiard room to look nice and put together. Don’t go overboard as you might decide to relocate at one point. And when the time comes, you will need to relocate the billiard table as well. And it’s best to hire an affordable crew to handle the job instead of doing it alone.

Paint the walls if it’s needed.

Things to include

There are some things we believe that are a must for a billiard room in NYC. Billiard rooms are always dimmed and kind of dark. This is why we suggest painting the walls dark grey, deep green, or even black. Include a couple of soft armchairs that match the interior as well. They will serve great when your friends come over.

A coffee table is a must-have as well. A glass one really goes well with the billiard table. Make sure that the light is dimmed. You can put a small lamp in a corner of the room instead of using a ceiling light. Include some art.