A neighborhood guide to Burbank, LA

The moment you pick the place in the world where you want to move to, it’s time to start collecting information right away. You should figure out how to get there, what are the best living areas, where to find the best moving assistance. It’s as simple as it can be – wherever you go, it is good to be prepared. Now, if your choice is the state of California, we have some great details to share with you. Here we offer a neighborhood guide to Burbank, LA, one of the most interesting cities in California.

About the city built by people, pride and progress

Burbank is a nice city situated in the county of Los Angeles. It is enough suburban to offer you a quiet and safe lifestyle, but yet enough lively and active so that you won’t feel bored and out of the world. What’s more, life there can be really interesting. Burbank is a city where Walt Disney and Warner Bros. Studios have their headquarters. You definitely won’t miss the mass media and entertainment. On the other hand, since it is about 20 kilometers away from Los Angeles downtown, all the merits of this big city will be at your disposal in less than half an hour.

If you are saving money to move to Burbank, LA, you would definitely like the town’s mood. There you will find strong community bonds and people that are very friendly. Whichever neighborhood you choose, you will not make a mistake, since all of them are pretty safe and clean. Burbank is also a great place for family people because it has many good public schools and the job opportunities are not bad either.

There is a picture of a Hollywood sign.
Have a peek into the world of Hollywood, or become a part of it.

A lot to choose from- a neighborhood guide to Burbank

Burbank neighborhoods are all of different and specific characters. You have everything there. From fun and entertainment to nice family areas with plenty of outdoor conveniences. For ages, people hire Good Neighbors Moving Company, and they come to live in Burbank. It remained the most preferable moving option, no matter whether people prefer peaceful or active lifestyles.

1. Downtown- the urban-like feel

If you seek a busy city life, Burbank Downtown is the neighborhood for you. Regardless of your interests, you can easily find an interesting activity among many.

Back there you will always be in the center of happenings. Famous filming locations are almost everywhere. Throughout the year renowned media and entertainment studios are shooting their new projects, and you can be there to feel the atmosphere. What’s more, most of the residents are employed exactly in the media industry. So, if you belong to that world, and you are about to choose where to move next, Burbank Downtown, might be your best solution. Then, to make the story even more alluring, this neighborhood is home to numerous excellent restaurants, bars, and shops where you can enjoy and spend your free time. And, at the top of everything else there comes the nightlife this downtown area is plenty of. You just need to put on your best suit and get ready to have a really good time.

There is a disco house full of people.
If you move downtown, you will not miss the great nightlife scene.

2. Magnolia Park- one of the places a neighborhood guide to Burbank recommends

And now for something a bit different, and particular by all means. Magnolia Park is a quiet living area, that can boast its small-town lifestyle. If you move there you’ll be enchanted by its antique spirit. The charming houses are built in the styles popular during the period of the Second World War. Vintage stores and corner markets. And then, a glimpse of modern through chic restaurants and boutiques. Wherever you look around, you will find something unique and interesting. And Magnolia Park is a neighborhood that fights to keep that uniqueness despite the expansion tendencies that modern times bring with themselves. That’s a community with a different style and life pace, and its residents love it.

However, no matter how suburban this area is, it offers all the amenities a person may need. And that includes nightlife, too. So if you feel this is a place for you, make it your new home right now. All you have to do is to make a plan and hire some experts from the area to jump in and help you realize it.

There is a picture of a small vintage store and a coffee bar. A nice breathe of past is what makes Magnolia Park a special place that a neighborhood guide to Burbank strongly recommends.
Storefronts have that “something” that brings the old times back to us.

3. Rancho Equestrian- popular among the horse-lovers

This neighborhood area is famous for its great outdoor space and large estates. If you are among those who love nature, a neighborhood guide to Burbank suggests you put Rancho Equestrian on your list. A great final destination for all the families that move often in search of the perfect home. You can become an owner of a nice single-family property, and even create your own little ranch. In fact, in this neighborhood that wouldn’t sound strange at all. As the name of the neighborhood suggests, horse-keeping is pretty popular over there. Most of the residents are real horse-lovers, and many homes have their own stables.

The outdoors in the area is excellent. There are plenty of old oak trees down the numerous walking and riding paths. And you won’t have a problem with the perfect place where your kids can play. Rancho Equestrian is full of beautiful parks and open spaces for a healthy and happy childhood. With all that it seems like a great place for all the family-oriented people.

Finally, we hope we’ve reached the point. With a neighborhood guide to Burbank, we tried to create vivid pictures of the main areas you may encounter in this Californian city. Now, all you need to do is to pick the one you like the most. But, no matter which one you decide to choose, we are sure you won’t have any problems loving the place right from the beginning.