A comprehensive guide to Soho real estate market

South of Houston Street, better known as Soho, is one of the prime shopping spots as we all know. It boasts top-notch boutiques with the most refined clothes and latest fashion designs along with amazing galleries and restaurants. But now that you are considering relocating there, and not only shopping, shopping, and shopping, you wonder what’s with the Soho housing market? Yes, we heard about your plans and figured out you might need some help. Hereafter, we present you with a guide to Soho real estate market. Everything you need to know is right here!

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A brief introduction to Soho real estate market

Soho apartments, whether for rent or sale, are among the most desirable in the Manhattan area. Consequently, it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city of New York. We are not talking about shopping and dining options here, but housing.

Soho neighborhood during winter
Being the center of New York’s fashion and having preserved the appealing historic look, Soho real estate market is quite desirable among New Yorkers and newcomers alike.

Historic cast-iron buildings, both stunningly beautiful and able to survive just about anything, are what makes Soho a posh area desirable among the rich. In Soho, finding a home at a low price is possible, but still rare. As one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for raising children, Soho is the perfect choice for parents and their kids.

Housing options: where Soho real estate market stands?

The situation is such that there is not that much vacant space in Soho in comparison to some other neighborhoods. People are simply flocking to this trendy neighborhood and you should grab the chance while you still can. For people who have never visited Soho, most buildings are walk-ups and luxurious co-ops. Quaint cobblestone side streets add more charm to this breath-taking neighborhood. But you should hurry if you want to enjoy the benefits of living here. Why – you may ask. And here’s the answer.

Tips on choosing a new home: what to have in mind

The reason we mentioned using the chance is that finding the right place is essential. Naturally, you wouldn’t say something like – We’re going to move to Soho, come what may. – and end up living on the top of a store, not getting a wink of sleep until you decide to move again. Late-night deliveries and people shopping can be hard to put up with on Saturdays.

Realator, who presents Soho real estate market, talking to a couple with a smile on his face
Start online search and face-en-face examination of Soho housing options on time as to avoid crampiness, noisiness, or whichever problem with a new home.

That’s why on no account should you pick the top of a store unless you’re a sound sleeper. It comes as no surprise that a side street is more desirable than the main one. Then, don’t waste time, find something suitable, and hire a good moving company, such as Simplify Valet Storage & Moving to help you move into your new home.

Basic data regarding home prices if renting

Having taken into account the number of members that can occupy an apartment, we present you with the average rental prices. The prices below are average monthly prices, but there are more affordable solutions as well.

  • one-bedroom apartment: $5,660
  • two-bedroom apartment: $8,945
  • three-bedroom apartment $21,650

If you have previously lived in a big apartment and are now moving to a single room one, for instance, read the tips for moving into a smaller apartment because change means adaptation.

Soho real estate prices if buying

On the other hand, here are average numbers rounded for one, two, and three-bedroom apartments sold the previous year with studio added:

  • studio: $1,000,000
  • one-bedroom apartment: $1,800,000
  • two-bedroom apartment: $2,900,000
  • three-bedroom apartment: $4,800,000

Professional assistance always comes in handy

Once you’ve chosen a future home, moving preparations can begin. As we all know, moving is a challenge, and having someone to help means the world. It’s a good idea to ask around or look for assistance nearby and have full-service moving and a problem with storage solved.

Piggy bank with pink in the background
Luxurious as it is, Soho has a hot real estate market resulting in higher home prices. Upon seeing a potential home, you’ll understand why it is the case more clearly.

With the help of pros, you will decorate a new home and put crockery in its place without any problems as nothing will get damaged on the way to your new apartment. Should something get damaged, don’t forget that you’re insured and will receive compensation. Even so, damages happen once in a blue moon. 

House-hunting in Soho: what’s living there like?

It’s not all about the actual home when moving. You should feel at home in your neighborhood and the city. What is it like to live in Soho? It is a vibrant neighborhood with plenty to do and see. If moving to a big city for the first time, this is certainly something you need to be ready for along with many other new things, different from your previous lifestyle, so there would be no false expectations. Soho has a diverse dining scene, but if you think enough money goes for an apartment, it does not have to be like that with food.

There are traditional as well as down-to-earth eateries this neighborhood offers. Nightlife is in no way worse here, with plenty of options to opt for depending on your mood and preferences. Home to numerous theatres such as Queen’s Theatre, Gielgud Theatre, Apollo Theatre, and others, Soho is perfect for cinephiles. In conclusion, living here after exploring Soho real estate market is a dream coming true.