9 Tips on how to pick: Top cities in the USA to move with a family

moving to another city

Many people like going to places with water

When moving to another city, there are many things to consider based on your criteria what is the most important to find in the new environment. There are criteria on job opportunities, affordability for life, housing, crime rate and much more. The number of criteria rises when you are moving with a family, and it multiplies when you move with a family with children. Therefore, knowing how stressful it can be to explore and find a perfect place in the USA to relocate to with a family, we did a research on that subject, presenting you top cities in the USA to move to with a family. We used the same criteria that would cross your mind, being that many of us have families with kids, so we tried to project ourselves in the same situation, situation where we would move in the USA if we were to move with our families.

Things that matter to us, when it comes to searching the right place for children, are many. First and the most important thing is to search the cities that kids would like to live in, and which provide opportunities for children to grow in different ways every day. Here we will mention some of the criteria that we used for exploration:

  • Schools- You wouldn’t move with your children in a city without proper education system
  • Job- Without a good job, there is no city in the USA that will offer you a better life to move to with your family to
  • Crime– Choose wisely, children are number one target for potential crime, so we picked to cities in the USA for low crime rate to move to with your family
  • Affordability– If you haven’t got enough money for life in a place you pick, you wouldn’t be able to move to that place. That is why we picked places where most of the people would be able to afford to live in
  • Health care- It is important that you pick a city in the USA to move with your family where, in case that a need for a doctor arises, you have good professionals near by.
  • Housing- Regardless of renting or buying, you have to be able to pay for a decent home.
  • Nearness of family and friends- stay close to your and your children’s loved ones
  • Time spent in transportation– No matter if you move by car or public transportation, reduce it to a minimum- your family will be thankful
  • The proximity of parks and playgrounds– Children should have fun!


Educational system is the most important regarding city in the USA to move to with your families if you have or plan on having kids


Regardless of age of your

Regardless of age of your children, if you have them, you have to find place with good educational options for all ages, being that, if you move with your family, you probably want to choose a place ideal to live in for the longer period of time, maybe even for the rest of it. Also, when discussing what city is the best to move to with your family, you probably want your children to have an opportunity to have a decent education. You cannot predict what your future will look like, considering your salary, or even having a job, or if your kids will get a scholarship or not. So moving to a place near good college is also a good decision, for it will probably save you some money, or enable your children to go to, even if you are not rich at that time.


Top city in the USA to move to with a family offers top jobs, and has top unemployment rate!

If you move to another place, you move because you want to improve the quality of life for you and your family. Regardless if it is the nature, the opportunities to have fun, lower taxes or cheaper homes of better quality, one thing is for sure- You must find there a good job, or you will have the quality of life even lower than before. Therefore, top city to move to in the USA with your family is a city with good job offers, and with the low probability of losing a job.


Choose the best city in the USA to move to with your family by excluding cities with high crime rates

It doesn’t matter what type of crime is the most common for the city in the USA  you consider to move to with your family, you should exclude every area that has the high rate of crimes. Even if a top crime is something least painful, ask yourself- do you want your sibling or kid to experience the trauma of being a crime victim?


Be wise when picking top city in the USA to move to with your family, choose the one where you can afford different things that you like

Do not get stuck in your life on purpose! When moving to another city, you must know what money do you have at your disposal, what cities are on your list of top cities in the USA where you would like to move to with your family, and compare what you have with what you need in each of those cities(for basics-food, drink, bills, but also for fun, for movies, sports games, fun parks etc). Be exclusive when it doesn’t match, and delete even your top choice if you see that you haven’t enough money to live there, even if you have only for the beginning because no one knows what tomorrow will bring. The reason why I am telling you this is- you do not want your kid to ask you for a money to go to the movies, or to the theatre, and you have no money for that!


When it comes to healthcare, only the city that has good healthcare to offer is good enough city to move to with your family

It is not that important if the city itself has the best clinic in country, or if the clinic there is doesn’t treat all kinds of health issues, but it is very important that you have all of this at least near by the city that you pick to move to with your family, so you wouldn’t have to travel a lot if any kind of a problem arises. When it comes to the family, every problem is the most important problem in the world!


Choose the best city in the USA to move to with a family based on what home you can afford with your budget

Our advice is- do not consider to move to another USA city with your family where you will not be able to afford at least home of the same quality as the home that you  live in the city where you currently live. It is also good to afford a better one, because you want your family members to feel an improvement in their life in the very beginning of living elsewhere, because it is stressful enough to move, make it easier to them.

Nearness of family and friends

Choose the best city in the USA to move to with a family- close to yours and your children’s’ friends and family!

People consider movings very stressful, especially children. If you do not want your children to hate you the minute that you come to your new home, be sure that you move to a city that leaves an option of seeing their friends at least once in a while. Especially if it is the first time that you move. This will make it easier even for you, because you also probably like your friends and family, and it will be easier to proceed with your normal life if you do not have to find new friends in the city that you moved with your family.

Time spent in transportation

The city that offers transportation good enough to let you spend the most time with your family the best city in the USA to move to with your family.

Transportation takes time, no matter on what transportation you use. It is important that it doesn’t take too much time, because, if you work for 8 hours, and you have to travel to work and back for hours, when will you spend time with your family? And we suppose that you consider moving to another city in the USA to improve the quality of your family life.

Proximity to parks and playgrounds

Fun is very important for kids. Pick a city in the USA that offers the most of it to move to with your family


Children should be carefree

This matter doesn’t require many explanations. Children should be carefree and have as much fun as possible. There are enough problems and stresses in their life, make their childhood great, choose a city in the USA to move to with your family that has many opportunities for your children to have fun, and you will be the best parents ever!