7 Ways to Celebrate Spring in San Francisco

San Francisco is a cultural, commercial, and financial city that presents the center of Northern California. A center that promises you a good time and many locations to visit. The best time for that is sunny and warm spring days when many festivals, concerts, and other occasions are held. There is no doubt that this is a fun and active city filled with many tourists. Suppose you want to visit San Francisco, research, and find out where you want to go. To help you, we have prepared this article about 7 ways to celebrate spring in San Francisco. 

Cherry Blossom festival

What associates you more with spring than flowers? Cherry Blossom Festival is a beautiful festival dedicated to Japan since many Japanese people live in San Francisco. You can attend it with your family and learn more about Asian culture and traditions. It lasts two weeks, with many traditional dances, martial arts, food, and exhibits. You can enjoy parades and film festivals. The festival is unique and one of the best ways to celebrate spring in San Francisco. It makes you want to move to this city and enjoy Asian culture as much as other festivals. The cherry is Japan’s national symbol. Cherries and flowers will help you experience spring in the best way possible. Nature, the smell, and the fun will put you in a better mood and help you welcome spring.

San Francisco is famous for its bridge known as the Golden Gate Bridge

Easter Celebrations

Easter is the most famous holiday in spring. There are many activities during the Easter weekend. A fun activity for children is egg hunting in Golden Gate park. And if you are religious, there are church services on Easter Sunday. What is Easter without an Easter bunny? There is a petting zoo during the Easter parade, and you can take pictures with the Easter bunny. There are also some contests in the afternoon which are for adults. Overall, many activities are family-friendly, and fun is guaranteed.

Bay Area Craft Beer Festival 

If you are a beer lover, this festival is definitely for you. There are beers from around the world that you can try. You don’t get a chance to do this very often, so it can be quite an experience. There are many visitors, and it only lasts one afternoon. If you are not a beer lover or you don’t drink alcohol, don’t worry! There is a variety of food you can try. There are also many trucks with the San Francisco national food, so there must be something new for you that you will love. These festivals, concerts, museums, and great food have moved many to this city. Some lived far away but were enchanted with San Francisco and decided to move there. When planning to buy a house in California, this city is usually on top of the list.

Why should you visit the San Francisco International Arts Festival?

That is a 10-day event that covers every branch of art. That implies:

  • photography
  • theater
  • dance
  • documentary film and so on.

The main purpose of this festival is to increase human awareness of cultural importance. You can see many presentations at the arts festival. It is being held in May and June. The festival is exciting and very fun. You can meet many people who don’t live in San Francisco, so this can be a great chance to make new friendships. You will have a lot of fun and wish the festival could last more. As mentioned, some festivals attract tourists and make them want to move to San Francisco. If you decide to move, peetersmoving.com advises hiring professionals to help you with moving and storage.

Botanical garden – one of the best ways to welcome spring in San Francisco

Spring is the time of the year when everything wakes up, grows, and gives you a positive feeling. Nothing says spring as much as greenery, nature, and flowers. If you live in San Francisco or want to visit it, you shouldn’t forget about the botanical garden. It is a beautiful oasis with many different flora and fauna. It is open every day. You can also visit a plant shop, a garden bookstore, and a library. It’s great for both adults and children. There are also some garden programs, so the fun is unavoidable. Since this event is in the heart of the city, many houses and apartments are for sale around. Visiting San Francisco can make you want to stay in his town, so if you do, this is where you can buy a house. Close to the center of the city and nature.

San Francisco theatre

If you are a theatre fan, there is another excellent way to spend spring in San Francisco. This theatre can offer you performances and shows every month. You can see many local artists and their premieres. You can see many productions that have won an award on this stage. Musicals, comedies, and dramas are a big part of this theatre. There are also some smaller theatres in San Francisco, and there is a play for everyone since there are various genres. Theatres have many audiences, which include children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly.

San Francisco International Film Festival

If you like movies and cinematography, this is a festival you have to visit. This international film festival is a spring event where you can see some of the best movies ever filmed. There are various genres like documentaries, narratives, short films, dramas, etc. This event is the longest-running film festival in the United States, and we are sure you will find something you will love. This festival has also made some people want to stay or move to it. So, if you decide to move to San Francisco, you should reach out to skilled neighbors and hire some local movers in San Francisco to help you with everything. Why should you only spend spring in San Francisco if you can move and start living there?

Many festivals from San Francisco are very famous and attract many foreign visitors

Final comment:

San Francisco is a fun cultural center with many activities and places to visit. You will love this city if you are adventurous and curious about other cultures! We have named seven ways to celebrate spring in San Francisco. There are way more, but these are the ones that attract the most visitors. There is no doubt you will love it and enjoy its events. Even if you want to move there, you won’t regret it. Many events are a great way to celebrate spring. So, think well and choose your destination in San Francisco.