6 tips for buying a Spanish style home in San Clemente, CA

Do you want to fulfill your American dream and to live in your own house? If you currently live in California, as you already know, a lot of cities are in Spanish style. Buying a house in that style too won’t be a problem in California, especially not in the southern part of CA. One of the cities that is located in the south is San Clemente. How to buy a Spanish style home in San Clemente and after buying – how to move all your items to a new home? Having simple tips can make the entire process a lot easier to handle. If you are buying a house for the first time, search for a guide and ask for help.

What is a Spanish-style home?

First of all, you should know what is exactly a Spanish-style home. Simply said, these homes are inspired by colonial architecture under Spanish rule. Some of the key element of this style is stucco and terracotta roof tiles. Cities in the southern part of New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and California have Spanish architecture.

A Spanish style home in San Clemente.
Spanish homes are unique and beautiful

Pros of living in San Clemente, California

There are a lot of reasons for moving to California, but why choose San Clemente? What are the advantages of living in this city in California? After all, if you are buying a property, you will probably spend more years there, not only a couple of months.

  • First of all, you are looking for a particular home, and a Spanish-style home in San Clemente are common. You won’t have problems finding one.
  • Compared to other cities nearby, San Clemente is affordable.
  • The overall livability score is above average according to education, crime, cost of living, and residents’ overall happiness.
  • San Clemente has a low crime rate, which makes it good for raising kids.
  • Schools are highly rated and students have high test scores.
  • Low poverty rate.

Tips for buying a Spanish style home in San Clemente

How to buy a Spanish style home in San Clemente and how to pick the right home for you and your family? Most of these homes were built before the 1970s, and it gives them a unique charm. There are pros and cons of buying an old house but if you want an authentic home, choose some a little bit older. Here are 6 simple tips to guide to through the home buying process.

#1 Hire a local real estate agent

Local real estate agents from San Clemente already have a network and homes to show you. This way, you may find a house faster. The entire process of buying a home will be easier because realtors are experienced and they will take care of your paperwork as well.

#2 Set your budget and priorities

Know how much money you can spend on a Spanish style home in San Clemente and get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start looking for homes. Set priorities on what your future home must have. For example, how many bedrooms, open concept floor, or a backyard.

Get a mortgage pre-approved

#3 Check out the roof

Roof tiles are a must-have in Spanish-style houses. They are made of terracotta clay which means they should last a long time. But, before you buy a house, check if there are cracked or loose tiles and if there are, how much it will cost you to fix them.

#4 Walls with arches and stucco

Besides colorful tiles, pay attention to other details such as arches and stucco. Usually, stucco is used for the walls in traditional Spanish homes. This type of wall (material) is perfect for high heat. On the other hand, arches are most often found over the windows and doors which are also a key factor in these types of homes.

#5 Wrought-iron detailing

Wtorugh- iron is often found in glass panes in windows and they are a beautiful detail. Also, it can be found on stair railings and gates.

#6 Make an offer

The last step, if you like a house, it to make an offer and to close a deal. Keep in mind that there will be closing costs.

Sold house.
Make an offer and buy a house, after that it is time to furnish and decorate it

Packing for moving

After buying a house, it is time to start packing your things. Start in advance with this task, because it will take you most of the time when moving. Gather enough packing supplies, ask your friends and family to help you out with packing and choose what to move and what to toss.

There is another solution to pack faster and hassle-free. By hiring professional packers Family Affair Moving your items will arrive safely at your new home in San Clemente.

Transporting items to a new home

Besides packing, think about the transportation of all your household items. To settle in stress-free to San Clemente, hire a local moving company. This way, you can focus on decorating and furnishing your new home, you don’t have to deal with packing and moving.

Pros of buying a Spanish style home in California

Why should you buy Spanish style home and not some other home? This city is one of the popular California cities among young families and homes are uniwe and special. If you are still having doubts should you choose A Spanish style house, here are some of the pros.

  • A timeless style that will never grow old
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Connection to outdoors because of the courtyard
  • A good location of San Clemente


By living in a Spanish style home in San Clemente, you may get a feeling like you are on a vacation 24/7. Especially because of the weather and Mexico is near, whenever you want to go there with your friends, you can. Search for a house, decorate it and make it warm and cozy. A small paradise where you can relax after work.