6 things you did not know about Cincinnati

Let’s learn more things about Cincinnati. The more you know about this charming town in Ohio the more likely you are to relocate there and since you are researching this, it’s obvious that you are considering this idea. Relocations can be very good, they give you a fresh start and new opportunities along with new friends. So, let’s check out some things you might didn’t know about this town and explore the idea of relocation.

What is Cincinnati known for?

Well, some people don’t know this, so we will talk first about what this city is most known for. Art culture, sports team, and chili are the first on the list! The city often hosts theatre, orchestra, and ballet shows and locals love it! Many people spend their weekends having fun listening to great music or watching the ballet. Cincinnati Reds are the first baseball team in America. But, the biggest star is of course chili! Locals and tourists both are going crazy over famous Cincinnati chili. They say no one can match it. So, if you ever plan on visiting this city make sure to try it.

making chili
They certainly know how to make the best chili.

Blue Chip City

Most people don’t know this about Cincinnati because this city has many nicknames but some call it Blue Chip City. It is called “Blue Chip City” due to the presence of Blue Chip Cookies, obviously in this city lives a lot of foodies. There is also the nickname Queen City and Nati and Losantiville. Cincinnati was also known as Porkopolis for quite a long time due to the port business.

Famous people from Cincinatti

This city is and was home to many celebrities, here is a list of some you might have heard of :

  • Charles Manson (even though he is famous for bad reasons he still is famous)
  • Robert Jones Portman is the current junior United States Senator
  • Dave Parker
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Roy Rogers
  • 98 Degrees boy band is from this city too
  • Katt Williams
  • Stephenie Heinrich

How many of these celebrities have you heard of?

Things you should know about Cincinnati - Neil Armstrong is from here.
Yes, he is from Cincinnati! So a part of this city was on a moon!

Presidents are born here

The one nickname we didn’t tell you is “the mother of presidents”. Eight previous presidents are from here. The most famous ones were William Henry Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, and James A. This might not be an important factor for people while deciding whether to relocate here but this is a good fact to know for trivia nights!

The most underrated city in America

You need to know this about Cincinnati – this is the coolest city and yet all the movies are about NYC or LA and such. Downtown became amazing and younger generations love to visit it often. Also, this is a beautiful city. Not just the beautiful natural surroundings – downtown has some really incredible architecture. With that much German heritage, it is only logical that they will have the best beer in the states.

Public schools

This is especially important for people looking to relocate here with kids. Parents need to know everything about school systems and Cincinnati has great education reform success stories. They are way above average now. That want the case a few years ago, but this city invested a lot into the public schools and now that can only be proud of what they achieved.

Fun facts about Cincinnati

Here are some fun facts about this city that you should know :

  • In 1849 this was the first city in the U.S. to hold a municipal song festival – Saengerfest.
  • They were the first city in the USA to establish a Jewish hospital
  • In 1850 they were the first city in the U.S. to publish greeting cards – Gibson Greeting Card
  • After the chilly, people come here for Graeter’s Ice Cream
  • They are also famous for their desserts

Moving here

If you plan on moving here you should know a couple of things. First of all real estate prices and overall costs of living are very reasonable. Second of all, there are local movers like strongassmovers.com that can help you a lot along the way. You see movers are the only way to relocate without all that stress due to packing, planning, organizing everything, heavy lifting, and logistics. All that can add up to be simply too much and that’s why you should call movers to help you out.

You will have so much fun exploring this town.

Settling in

This is the most important part of relocation. There are people who can ease the process and help you with unpacking and settling in. That way you can deal with more important things like making your new house a home. Or exploring the neighborhood and meeting your new next-door neighbors. That is way better. Ask your new neighbors to tell you all about your new neighborhood, locals always know the best spots for hanging out, the best coffee shops, and such. They can help you out and people living in Cincinnati are known to be very friendly and welcoming towards newcomers. You can use that to your advantage and shorten the adaptation period, and yes everyone needs some time to adapt and adjust to a new town. That’s only natural. If you are feeling homesick – don’t worry soon enough this will be your new home.

About Cincinnati’s history

We already mentioned some of the firsts for this town, but there is so much more you can learn about their vivid history. They have great museums and libraries where you can do so, and if the weather is not perfect for outdoor activities you can have a trip to museums and learn more about this cool town. We pointed you in the right direction, now it’s up to you!