6 things to do in Kenmore, WA this summer 

Deciding where to move is difficult because there are many beautiful cities in America. If you can not choose, we think you should consider Kenmore in Washington state. But it would be bold of us to recommend something without any reason. All American Movers will give you 6 things to do in Kenmore, WA this summer to convince you to move there

General information about Kenmore 

Before we get into fun activities of this place, let’s learn some general details about the Kenmore. Kenmore is a place in King County on Lake Washington with 20,000 residents. 

The cost of living in Kenmore is above the average of the state. It costs 40% more to live in Kenmore than an average city in Washington. As in most expensive places, the reason is the housing market. Homes cost around 854,500 dollars on average, while in Washington 504,200 dollars. So you should sell your old house before buying one in Kenmore. 

Residents of the city make above the average of America. The income per capita is 45,666 dollars, and the average in America is 31,177 dollars. The difference is even bigger if we look at household income. Household income in Kenmore is 96,277 dollars, and the average in the country is 57,652 dollars. 

person holding dollar bills, learn about things to do in Kenmore
Residents of the city earn a lot because of the proximity to Seattle.

You will not have to worry about safety in Kenmore because the violent crime rate and property crime are way below average

When it comes to politics, the people are mostly democrats. In the previous elections, 75% voted Democrat. 22.2% Republican and 2.8% Independent.

If you Kenmore sounds like a great place to live to you, you should get someone to assist you with your relocation. While you’ll certainly need professional assistance aka movers, as far as your relocation is concerned, depending on the number of items you own, you might also need a temporary storage solution. Companies like PortaBox Storage offer you a chance to safe-keep your belongings while in-between homes.


Hiking is the first, and one of the best activities you can do in the city. Get out of the house and get active while exploring Kenmore’s beautiful trails and parks. If you do not know which park to visit, we can recommend some: 

  • The number one park is Saint Edward State Park. With beautiful trails and paths of different difficulties with a lot of greenery. And if you ever get bored of the greenery, follow the routes that lead to Lake Washington.; 
  • And if you want to walk beside the lake, you can not go wrong with Log Boom Park. 

woman walking in woods
One of the best things to do in Kenmore is hiking in one of the local parks.

So if you like the hiking options in Kenmore, relocate there but be careful what you eat on a moving day

Have a beer in Cairn Brewing 

One of the things you can do in Kenmore is going out and having a beer in Cairn Brewing. You will not find a better pint of beer in the city than in Cairn Brewing. The place is family and dog friendly and offers a video selection of beers brewed in-house. The owners are passionate about their craft and still experimenting with different flavors. And they have seasonal beers, so depending on when you visit, they might have a completely different selection. 

person pouring beer from tap
Drink draft beer from local brewers in Cairn Brewing.

Things to do in Kenmore – Lake Forest Park Farmers Market

The third place to visit in Kenmore is the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market. If you want to spend time with the locals while supporting their business, you must go to the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market. The farmer’s market is open only Sundays between 11 am and 4 pm. There you can buy fruits and vegetables from local farmers. Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, there are cheeses, jams, and other goodies. If you are feeling peckish, there are food stands. Finally, you can surprise your loved ones with a beautiful bouquet. So get a place in the city to access this farmer’s market regularly. Since homes are very costly in Kenmore, you might not be able to buy a big house as soon as you arrive in the city. Try and make your home comfortable by getting storage in Kenmore for your excess stuff. 

Go bowling in Kenmore Lanes

The fourth place you should visit to have fun is Kenmore Lanes. They specialize in bowling. Before you visit, make sure to see if they have lanes open. But bowling is only one aspect of Kenmore Lanes. You can schedule a birthday party for you or your children. And if you get thirsty or hungry after bowling, they have a restaurant and a bar. But if you do not want to go bowling at all, check out their arcade. But whatever you decide to do in Kenmore Lanes, you can expect to be served by the most pleasant staff! 

Things to do in Kenmore – spend time on the lake

The fifth activity you can do in Kenmore is explore Lake Washington. There are multiple ways you can explore the lake. If you would like to get a workout and something more dangerous, you can rent a kayak or canoe and set out. If you want something safer, you can rent out a boat. 

Visit Seattle when you get bored

The final activity on our list is visiting Seattle. Even though the city has plenty of activities, it can not compare to Seattle. While Kenmore has only 20,000 residents, Seattle has around 730,000. And all of those people need to be entertained. Whenever you decide to visit Seattle, you will find something interesting. From tasty seafood restaurants to performing art events. And it will take you below an hour to reach Seattle from the city. 

Come and see the possibilities

We have told you about 6 things to do in Kenmore, WA this summer. If you don’t think they are enough to make you move there, you should check out other cities in Washington state.