6 fun things to do in Ellicott City, MD

When we plan to visit a place or even move, the first thing we are interested in is the facilities that the place offers. Some places in the world attract us solely because of that. In addition to the fact that you have a nice apartment and a good job in the location where you live, it is also important that you can have fun and spend quality time in your free time. If you are considering moving to Maryland, have in mind that there are many fun things to do in Ellicott City.

The best fun is on the East Coast

The first thing you need to know is that Ellicott city is part of the Baltimore metropolitan area. This fact can have a great impact on your future life if you decide to move here. The proximity of a large metropolis means that you will find a job that suits you more easily, and this also means that there are more opportunities for entertainment. This city is a nice place for living overall, you can find a nice place and easily settle in with the right help. You can find your dream home among the beautiful buildings in Ellicott. Among many neighborhoods, Ellicott city poses a beautiful historic district. Old structures are like a gem from the past scattered around the main street.

Fun things to do in Ellicott City

This is no small city, and there is a number of fun things to do in Ellicott City. There are some well-known and many more you need to explore by yourself. If you are visiting the city for the first time, all the locals will direct you to:

  • Patapsco Valley State Park
  • Ellicott City Station Museum
  • Font hills wetlands park
  • Ellicott City firehouse museum
  • The spa at Turf Valley
  • Ye Haunted History of Olde Ellicott City

When you explore this place, the first thing you will want to do is to pack your bags and move without delay. It will amaze you completely.

The attraction of the city

Patapsco Valley State Park is an amazing place, with small streams and a river, full grown forest will give you chance for an unforgettable hike. There is a lot of parking space for those who come with a car. Whether you want to hike, ride a bike, or just enjoy nature this will be the perfect place. Park is flourishing with life. The river bank is rocky so if you come with kids, they will enjoy numerous activities for kids. There are several man-made picnic areas that are just charming. For those that are a bit more enthusiastic, there is a horse-riding school and the possibility to rent a horse to walk or trot around the park. When we think about it, this is one very fun place to visit for everyone. It is no surprise that people after visiting these beautiful landscapes people tend to call Allstate Moving and Storage and arrange relocation.

A little bit of history

National Historic Designated Landmark of Ellicott City is the station museum. In other words, it means that the place is supposed to be preserved as it is. Maintained due to its historical importance, since this is the oldest railroad station in the country. There is a vast collection of railroad artifacts from its early days, and many train cars from wooden ones to metal. This place is one of the most things even if you are not a train fan, this is a piece of the bright side of this county’s history that is very well preserved.

Train wheels
Have a wonderful time and learn something new

Explore all the wonders of nature

Font hills wetlands park was, probably, the inspiration for the wetland from Shrek’s movie where his house is located. This is also one outdoor recreational park that flourishes with life. If you decide to take your kids with you, they will have so much fun. Streams, water ponds, small lakes, forests, everything that is needed for a wetland. The only flaw of this place is that it is buggy during the summer. This is a place where you can see herons, and they are truly beautiful. Boardwalk is created and it will lead you down the gazebo in the center of the park. This is a place for walking, hiking, and enjoying nature. There are several designated picnic spots for a lovely day with your loved ones. Also, your pet, if you have one, will enjoy a long walk through the park. This is a great way to spend a lovely time outside and have some fun.

Watching waterlands sunsets are fun things to do in Ellicott City, MD
Enjoy nature beauties

Fun and excitement in one place

This museum will fascinate both, children and adults. Do not let its size fool you. Firehouse museum is a small museum but it does have a lot to offer. This place is dedicated to those men and women who willingly go to risk their own lives to save others. The museum is located in the center of Ellicott City. You are able to see some antic gear that was used by firefighters though out of history and many preserved old photographs that are just fantastic. The fire department in Ellicott city was established in 1889 year and since then this designated room is a museum. This is a small charming place where you can learn some details about the history of the fire department.

Time to relax after all the fun you had

The spa at Turf Valley is placed in Howard County, closer to Baltimore metropolitan area. This luxurious spa offers many different ways to relax and enjoy. With an interior like you have returned to ancient Greek or Roman public bats this is something special to experience. Once you feel the benefits of this place you will always want to come back. It is like a time stand still while you transition to a peaceful state surrounded by calming music and aromas. After a massage, relax in a huge indoor pool. This is the place to rejuvenate yourself. This is a fun thing to do in Ellicott City for everyone, young and seniors. We all sometimes need a minute of silence, peace, and relaxation.

Towel and esential oils
It is time to relax

You need to see it all

Ye Haunted History of Olde Ellicott City is actually a tour around the old part of the city and one of the fun things to do in Ellicott City. This tour includes some ghost stories, not terrifying but fun ones. The story will make you think about the past, but will not frighten you. They will take to some old souvenir shops, and speak a lot about city history. This is a great thing to start your Ellicott city visit.

Once you realize that there are some fun things to do in Ellicott City, you will fall in love with this place completely. Your visit can easily make you want to move here when you see what this city has to offer.