5 things Texans miss most when moving to another state

Moving to another state can be very exciting. But, missing some things and feeling nostalgic is perfectly normal and common. Especially for those who grew up in one state and now are relocating to another. Leaving so many memories behind can be difficult. Texas is a great state. It can offer people so much, so it understandable if you are already missing it. But here are the five things Texans miss most when moving to another state.

#1 The Food

After you have eaten Texan BBQ you will miss it forever. In Texas barbeque is a way of life. It’s an art form. No one can top that. Texas is very famous for its delicious southern food. And when moving to another state, you will miss that great food. But don’t be afraid to explore the food of some different cultures. They can be great too. All the big cities have some amazing Indian, Pakistan or Japanese restaurants and you will be amazed how delicious their food can be. The bigger the city the bigger the variety of food you can enjoy. So you have that food tasting to look forward to.

Texan BBQ as one of the things Texans miss most when moving to another state
No one can top Texan BBQ

#2 Friendly neighbors

Greeting people with “Howdy” is something only Texans do. Wherever you go, you will hear people greet others with a simple “hello” and you will miss that “Howdy” you once used so often. Another very common thing about Texas is how friendly people are. That is simply their culture. And it is unlikely that if you are moving to some overcrowded state, that you will find that kind of friendliness. People living in big metropolises simply don’t have the time or energy to waste on neighbors. That’s a bit sad but it’s a way of life in cities like New York or LA. But saying that people in NY are not friendly does not necessarily mean that your next-door neighbor won’t be. It’s a matter of luck.

#3 Beautiful nature – one of the things Texans miss most when moving to another state

In Texas, you simply have a lot of space. Also a lot of rural places. That means untouched nature too. Moving to some overpopulated place will mean losing that scenery. Nature lovers, hikers, and people who are big fans of fishing will miss that most. Having a huge yard is pretty common in Texas and not as common in other states.

nature and flowers
Texas has the most spectacular nature.

#4 The Weather

This one is especially hard for the people born and raised in Texas. They are accustomed to hot weather. If you are moving to a place like Florida, you will be just fine. They have very hot weather there and you will feel at home. But if you are moving to some states with some real heavy winters, you have to be prepared as the weather is certainly one of the things Texans miss most when moving to another state. But know that having 4 distinct seasons is considered to be very healthy.

#5 Costs of living and property

There is so much buildable land in Texas. That makes building houses much cheaper than in other states. You simply have space unlike in NY or California where there is absolutely no space. Another thing Texans will miss is the low cost of living. Even renting is cheaper in Texas for the same reasons. So it is only natural to be a bit shocked when you see the prices in some other countries. But if you are relocating for the education or better job than it is for the best and you will be accustomed to new prices soon enough. People often joke about the rent prices in New York, and yes they are quite silly but in New York, you can actually have a great job and afford those astronomical prices. So as you can see it’s sometimes all about the opportunities given.

A woman counting dollar banknotes.
Costs of living can vary from state to state. But so do the standards.

Relocating out of Texas and moving to another state

If you are about to relocate from Texas to another state, you should consider hiring professional movers. They can be of help in those emotional yet hectic days. Leave transport to professionals and focus on you and your family ( if you are relocating with family). Interstate relocations are a bit more difficult and that’s why people always chose to hire movers to help.

Getting the right kind of help

Getting the right kind of help is the key to successfully and stress-free moving to another state. Movers can help with many things like packing for example. Check them out at Heavenly Moving and Storage and see how they can be of help.

Settling in another state and feeling nostalgic

As stated before, this is very common. But there are things you can do so adaptation will be quicker. When you move in start with unpacking even if you are feeling tired or overwhelmed. Because this is a huge chore that needs to be done and sooner the better. There simply is no way to avoid it. After you are done with unpacking you will feel more at home. You will get excited to start decorating your new home. Also, exploring your new neighborhood and finding fun and exciting things to do nearby can help a lot.

Don’t be afraid to get to know your new neighbors they might be just as friendly as your old ones were. But when socializing you still need to be careful even if you are fully vaccinated. Some people are not. Make sure to wash your hands as often as you can, this can prevent many other viruses not just coronavirus. If you don’t have a bathroom nearby, bring your gel sanitizer with you so that you can stay safe wherever you go. But don’t worry, the pandemic is slowing down, people are getting vaccinated and soon you will be able to socialize just as much as you did before all of this. Good luck on your new journey and don’t forget t have fun in your new town. It just might be the best place for you.