5 great reasons to move to Shoreline, Washington

Shoreline is a city in Washington, USA. It became a city in 1995, and it is located in King County, near the city of Seattle, some 9 miles away from Seattle Downtown. It is ranked among the top 20 cities by population within the State of Washington, being populated by around 53,000 people. We will list 5 great reasons to move to Shoreline, Washington.

When you are about to organize moving, the best way is to do it carefully and not to rush.

How to plan your moving to Shoreline, Washington?

Shoreline, being near to Seattle and Canada, is a very attractive location for many different reasons. To help you feel at home in no-time you need help from reliable movers. Create a to-do list, take your time, go slowly step by step, make sure you follow your instructions, and you can be sure that what you do will be safe and create no stress.

Choosing wisely and making a list of reasons is the best way to prepare yourself for moving.
Create a to-do list, take your time, make a plan, and there will be no problems.

The list of 5 great reasons to move to Shoreline, Washington

We have compiled a list of 5 great reasons to move to Shoreline, Washington.

1. Calm and peaceful neighborhood

Probably the most important thing for lots of people when moving is the neighborhood and your new surroundings. The city itself is so attached to this idea that they have created a council of neighborhoods. Its idea is to bring closer all of the community leaders from its neighborhoods in order to solve any issues and make agreements on how to coordinate the city. It is one of the best suburbs for families in Seattle, and it is one of the most important reasons to move to Shoreline.

2. Closeness to Seattle

One of the most important things is being on the right spot and that is one of the reasons to move to Shoreline. It is largely important if you want a big career to move to a big city. One of the benefits of moving to Seattle is being in a center of a business hub, as it is a major city on the northwestern coast of the US.

Seattle is a major US city on the west coast.

3. Closeness to Canada

Towns near borders will always have certain points of advantage. If you see all of the reasons to move to Shoreline, for some being near Canada will top the list. Moving to Shoreline might not be easy so Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage is a good choice to help you out.

Canada is close to Shoreline, Washington.

4. Shoreline’s city landmarks

Shoreline is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. A big number of old but cared houses and schools, parks and beautiful spots. CRISTA Ministries is also located here, as well as King’s High School.

5. Friendly people

One of the reasons to move to Shoreline is the population living there. Besides, even though they are close to a major US city, Seattle, people from Shoreline maintain the spirit of a calm and family-like unit, caring for each other and helping in the time of need.