4 reasons to move to Portland with your family

In the last couple of years, Portland has been experiencing a big growth in popularity. From beaches and fresh lobsters from Casco Bay to beautiful nature and people, Portland has it all. That is why many people decide to move to Portland, it really has it all. So, let’s see what our experts from All American Movers consider to be the top 4 reasons to move to Portland with your family!

It’s great for families!

When it comes to raising a family, enrolling your child in a good school system is only one-half of the equation. Aside from sending kids to a reputable school, there are a few additional things that your area requires. Portland is filled with many parks and playgrounds that are great for outdoor family activities. Moreover, even if you live in an apartment and don’t have a yard, your block will be filled with greenery and parks!

Vintage Portland sign
Portland is a great place for families for many reasons!

Moving to the Portland area is now much easier for families than ever before. You can be sure that assistance is at your disposal when moving into your new place in Portland. There are many reputable movers that offer a variety of different options to fit your needs. This makes the moving process much easier and quicker!

It’s very safe

Before you relocate to a new location, you must ensure that it is secure. Rest confident that wherever you find yourself in greater Portland, Maine, you will be safe. The region’s crime rate is extremely low, making it an ideal environment to start or raise a family. That is why Portland is listed as one of the best East Coast cities to move to. Whether you choose to live in the city or in the suburbs, the same principles apply. In every sense of the word, the region is really family-friendly. It’s no wonder, therefore, that every year, more and more new families choose to make greater Portland their home. Portland is a great place to move to no matter where you’re from.

Aerial view of Portland
Portland is considered to be one of the safest East Coast cities!

There is a lot of job opportunities

If you’re considering relocating, you’ll need to get a new employment first. One of the benefits of living in the greater Portland, Maine area is the abundance of fresh career opportunities in a variety of fields. Portland and south Maine are home to plenty of interesting new start-up businesses. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re interested in technology, medicine, or even getting a job as a mover for a company like Royal Moving Company. There is something for everyone that wants to move to Portland!


There’s no doubting that the Portland metro area is stunning. The fall scenery is spectacular, with bright hues dangling from every tree. Yes, the winter brings lower temperatures, but it also seems like you’re living in a Christmas postcard. During a blizzard, it’s also the ideal time to go outside and enjoy any winter activity that you like!