4 questions to ask your office movers – New Jersey edition

If you have a company and consider that it is time to move, whether because your work team has grown or you want to move to a different place, you will have a lot of decisions to make. A relocation is a stressful event that should not be taken lightly. Also, it involves multiple steps. For this reason, the best option is to let a moving company with trained personnel take care of the transfer of your belongings. Thus, you will increase the chances to avoid inconveniences of the move. Choosing the right moving company is essential so here are 4 questions to ask your office movers:  

1. How much experience does the moving company have?

If the company has been operating for several years, they already have the ability and equipment to handle all kinds of situations during the relocation. It also shows the commitment of the moving company and the reputation they have built over the years. Sometimes relocating your office also means relocation of your whole family. That will surely cause you a double moving stress. Adapting to a new environment, finding a new school for your children, etc. will be much easier if you get the right help at the right time. Whatever place in New Jersey you are moving to or from, experienced teams can give you a hand. This way you will make this big step go as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Professional NJ movers and packers will help you from the very beginning to the very end of your relocation.

A man carrying a pile of moving boxes.
Professional assistance is a guarantee your commercial relocation will be smooth.

2. Is the moving company legally incorporated?

It may seem like a good idea to hire an illegal moving company to save some money. But, most likely they do not have trained employees or the right tools to handle the items in your office. Plus, you may even become a moving scam victim. The best thing is to hire an established moving company that has all the necessary licenses and that can guarantee the safety and quality of its services.  Thus, one of the most important questions to ask your office movers is whether they are legally incorporated.

3. Does the moving company have the right staff and equipment?

This is an essential question to ask your office movers to ensure that your items are in good hands. Besides reliable and trained employees, your office movers need to provide the right moving tools. Ask your movers about the size of the truck you will need and the right boxes, packing, and protective materials for delicate items such as computers, electrical appliances, glass tables, etc.  The movers also must have special support tools for loading and unloading of office items. Movage-moving.com has highly-trained crews and state-of-the-art equipment to provide you excellent assistance during your move across New Jersey.

A man taping a cardboard box after packing.
Specialized office movers will make your move quick and easy

4. What services are included in the final price?

Get well informed of everything that the moving services include, since there may be some extra costs. The services such as disassembly and assembly of the furniture, use of elevator and stairs, or proximity to the loading and unloading area may be additionally charged if they require greater risk or more personnel for the job. Be sure to also discuss insurance coverage options in case your belongings are lost or damaged during the move.