4 interesting facts about New Braunfels, TX

Are you wondering lately, should you relocate to New Braunfels? Well, you aren’t alone in the idea. It’s the second fastest-growing city in the USA. Plus, there are many interesting facts about New Braunfels.

So, if you’re one of those that are moving to New Braunfels or thinking about doing it, you would want to know what this place has to offer. So, before you start preparing packing supplies for a household move make sure you read this article. Well, here are 4 interesting facts about New Braunfels.

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There are many  interesting facts about New Braunfels.

Interesting facts about New Braunfels – Facts about the name

The name New Braunfels is an outcome of the city’s German heritage. There is still the rest of the architecture there. But, there is also the music, food, and tradition inherited from them.

Braunfels, which in German means the brown rock, is a city in Germany. The German Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels established this city back in 1845. And Dry Comal Creek was the place where the first settlers made camp. Then, four years after its founding, New Braunfels become the fourth-largest city in Texas. But, today New Braunfels is the second-fastest growing city in the whole nation. Therefore, moving here brings you a lot of opportunities. So, start organizing your relocation as soon as possible and get moving quotes on evolutionmovingdfw.com. Hiring professionals to handle the job is the best approach when moving. Put all your moving duties on someone else and save yourself from a headache.

Fun for everyone

There is a lot of family fun New Braunfels has to offer. So, have a break from the Texas heat and enjoy a water-soaked day at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels. Or, to have a perfect river day, grab your tube and go to the Comal River for a nice long float. Also, you can take the whole family to Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo. Here, you’ll find 500 different species of animals. From lions, birds, and primates to snakes.

However, if you’re relocating with a family, it’s advisable to visit the city before moving. But, if that’s not possible, face the chance of another relocation, local this time. You may have to hire the movers and settle in with the neighbors’ help. So, it’s in your best interest to try to visit New Braunfels before the move. Get to know its schools, neighborhoods, the housing market, and more.

Wine and beer

New Braunfels is famous for its big wine and beer scene. Plenty of vineyards close to this city promise great wineries and liquid stores. You should know that the Texas Hill Country American Viticultural Area is the second-largest certified Viticultural Area in the USA. But, some of the top wineries are in New Braunfels. 

Wine Beer
One of the interesting facts about New Braunfels is that this place has big wine and beer scene.

But, what about Texas beer. Well, if you learn how to find the best movers and relocate here, you’ll fall in love with this city. In New Braunfels, you’ll get to enjoy inventive new recipes created by award-winning breweries.

Interesting facts about New Braunfels – Naegelin’s

In New Braunfels, you will find the oldest bakery in whole Texas. That is Naegelin’s. It’s founded in 1868, and it attracts sweets lovers from all over to its downtown shop.