3 Ways to move heavy furniture

Moving is not a simple task, especially when it comes to packing and transporting large furniture such as bed, sofa, big table, etc. Is it possible to move heavy furniture by yourself or you need help?

You definitely need help from a few strong people – help from friends or professional help. If you will ask friends or family for help, you need where to start and how to move heavy and bulky furniture and to avoid back injuries when moving. It is not easy to move a large dining room table, or a bed and moving injuries are often, unfortunately.

Moving boxes.
It is easy to pack and lift smaller items, but with big and heavy furniture, you need to have a plan

The simplest 3 ways to move heavy furniture

If you are moving by yourself, you must know how to move big and heavy items properly, without damages.

First of all, you won’t be able to lift and carry all those pieces of furniture alone. Know where to find help in advance, and plan every step. Keep in mind that this task will take time, so if you are asking friends for help, they should spend all day helping you, so notify them earlier.

Hiring movers to move heavy furniture.
If your friends cannot help, then you must hire a reliable moving company from your area

If you don’t have enough people to help you out, then the only option is to hire professional movers, Park Moving, and this task is no longer your problem.

#1 Use sliders

If you want to save money when moving specialty items and big items, then you will need the proper equipment for the beginning. Home goods stores have sliders you can buy. Place sliders under the corners of the furniture, they will reduce the friction, and push it to a moving vehicle. Of course, you will need help from at least one person.

#2 Use additional equipment

Depending on the type of furniture, use additional equipment. Some of the useful moving equipment are:

  • A shoulder dolly (lifting straps) and take the weight off your back when you move heavy furniture. But, if you are moving furniture up or down the stairs, this is not recommended.
  • Moving blankets can be used instead of sliders. Place moving blankets under the entire furniture and then pull the blanket.
  • A moving dolly is a piece of metal with wheels on the bottom and they come in different sizes. It works perfectly for bookcases, tables, or dressers. Even if you are strong you can put a hand truck, but you will need help to place furniture on a moving dolly.

#3 Moving manually

If you don’t have any equipment, then the only option is to move furniture manually, with your strength and help from a couple of strong persons. Use a how-low method to move heavy furniture with means one person carries the top of it while the other side stays low. Another option is to use your core and legs because using your back may be dangerous.