Moving Cross Country – how to make it work?

A map for Moving cross country

So, you have decided to move across the country this year! And you finally found a perfect spot where you will continue your life. Congratulations! Whether you are moving for new career opportunities, education, or just to start a new life, it doesn’t matter. What you need to focus on right now is moving cross […]

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The Most Fun Places to Live In the US

Three girls having fun at the beach; most likely they're living in one of the most fun places to live in the US.

Are you looking for a place that never sleeps and where you always have something to do? The USA is a big country, with many cities. All of them are different and unique. Now, you are looking for fun places to live in the US, and America has that to offer too.

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Eco-friendly move – tips

Reusable boxes, the kind you'll need to use in order to have an eco-friendly move.

Taking care of our planet is important for us and for the next generations. Earth gives us a lot, so we must give back. The planet is full of garbage and plastic and we must work all together to clean it up. One person can’t do a lot, but together, we can do plenty. This […]

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How to move special items across the state?

A pool table; our article can help you move special items such as this one.

Moving itself can be challenging enough, but if you want to move special items that can be even more challenging. Difference between these items and other ones is in their value and in the way they should be relocated. You can safely transport your basic items, without giving them much thought. But, if you want to move […]

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Living in Nevada – what’s to know?

Nevada road.

Have you ever considered moving to Nevada? How does it feel to live there? Is it for you? Will it make you happy? Well, the answer is pretty simple actually. Living in Nevada isn’t for everybody. But, it can be your cup of tea. It all depends on your preferences. Are you willing and happy […]

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Moving out of San Antonio in no time

San Antonio skyline.

So, the time has come for you to move. If you have lived in San Antonio for a long period of time you may be feeling sad about your departure. On the other hand, maybe you can’t wait for the new chapter of your life to begin. Whichever case you have on your hands, you certainly […]

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Benefits of moving to Seattle

A Seattle cityscape.

Lots of people have been moving to Seattle, Washington in the recent history. Of course, that didn’t happen for no reason. You may have heard about Seattle’s rains, and how poetic they are. In reality, however, it doesn’t actually rain more often (or more poetic) in Seattle than in plenty of other cities in the […]

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