Hawaii relocation – is it a good idea?

Hawaii relocation

So, you are contemplating moving to Hawaii? Good for you! That’s the dream of many, but unfortunately, it remains just that – a dream. Hawaii is an amazing place to live in. Besides the astonishing natural beauty and exciting activities, its relaxing living style is attracting many newcomers each year. Still, before you decide that […]

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Moving to the USA as a student

a woman in a library looking for a book

The number of international students in the USA is growing every year. No wonder! If you take a look at the list of the best universities in the world, you will see that 16 US universities rank in the top 20. Not to mention the endless opportunities in terms of degree programs, study and research and exciting life […]

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How to prepare for the upcoming international move?

Earth from the space

How to prepare for the upcoming international move and to prepare your bulky items for transport? Even a local and short distance move is a difficult and stressful event. So, how to be ready and how to prepare for the international move or move overseas? What to expect? Here we have some tips that could help you […]

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How to manage stress when moving

Woman stressing

Moving is one of the most stressful things a person will experience in their life. And if you are not careful you will easily get sick. The impact that stress has on health is well known. Therefore you should learn how to manage stress when moving in order to maintain your well being.

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Learn about the legal side of your international relocation

man signing a contract

Regardless of where you’re moving to or from, in order for relocation to be successful, you need to have it all prepared. However, there are some aspects of international moving that you’re probably not familiar with. We’re here to help you learn about the legal side of your international relocation.

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Best US cities for nurses to move to and reside in


If you have decided to change your current position, you may find our list of best US cities for nurses to move to and reside in very useful. There are many reasons to change your current position and find another place to work and reside in. Whatever the job they are working on is, people […]

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